Leading brands boycott Facebook and Instagram ads all at once

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Leading brands boycott Facebook and Instagram ads all at once

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Trump'sPosts suggesting violenceFacebook has been criticized for not labeling the. For Facebook actionsStop Hate for ProfitA campaign called (Stop Hate for Profit) has been launched, and as a result, major brands are developing boycotts to place ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook executive acknowledges'trust deficit' to advertisers | TheHill

Regarding the issue of censorship of SNS posts, the correspondence between Twitter and Facebook is divided, and Twitter is “may be misleading'' in response to President Trump's remarks “Violating the Twitter rule about aggressive behavior'' While proactively labeling these, Facebook does not label these statements.

Twitter again labels President Trump's tweets, this time due to offensive content-GIGAZINE

In this situation, the Outdra brandThe North FaceOrPatagoniaOf the ice cream brandBen & Jerry'sFacebook and Instagram announced that Facebook and Instagram will pull all ads from June 24, 2020 to at least the end of July, saying that Facebook has insufficient protection against hate speech.

Facebook isfacing its biggest backlash yet, as advertiser boycott gains momentum

Facebook to be hit by its largest ever advertiser boycott over racism | Business | The Guardian

And newly,Financial TimesFacebook officials admitted that they didn't trust Facebook in a phone call with the advertiser, according to information obtained by the company.

Specifically, we asked Interactive Advertising Bureau, an online advertising industry group, "Why we have to advertise to Facebook as an advertiser until we risk the loss of brand value." "How do you come to terms with the loss of trust?" Facebook's Director of Public Policy Neil Potts said, "There is a'deficit of trust'. People make their decisions and they agree. If it couldn't, the deficit could be more serious," he said, while saying that Facebook is trying to get rid of the "deficit of trust."

News media ·The HillWhen asked to comment on Facebook, a spokeswoman said, "It's normal for us to talk to advertisers, including policy issues. It's a routine thing, and we'll do it." It is said that.

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