Lebanese pound”V-shaped recovery”day【graphic content・column]

*07:30JST Lebanese pound”V-shaped recovery”day【graphic content・column] Carlos Ghosn, Nissan Motor<7201>Former Chairman of Japan after escaping his father’s home in Lebanon how to walk the path of the just. He if Lebanon’s leaders and the financial break I was on the verge of country I can be from Lebanon currency pounds”V-shaped recovery”for you?

In the 2020s, just before the start of the Company Law violation[特別背任], such as the crime charged had been gone Mr. The Secret to Japan to leave the country via Turkey Lebanon entered,and news from around the world for. In 2019, the last trading day was 12 on 30 October,he fled to Turkey have been involved and observations from the NY market toward the end of the line is a speculation by buying and selling interlaced. Limited movement means with the determined first New Year’s vacation entered.

While I bought it as a factor in Lebanon times that he is the future leader and political and economic turmoil converge on the Middle East situation to a certain extent also to bring stability and perspective in the background it is very simple. Lebanon’s anti-government organization Hezbollah is Syria’s Assad regime, by supporting Turkey, the Assad regime towards the Kurdish forces to stop the attacks, but the ceasefire discarded to be wary of when selling was a possibility.

On the other hand, the Lebanese pound has long been a $ 1=1507.50 pounds been fixed recently, the dark rate is 2000 pounds below the level to depreciating. The dark rate is the appropriate value to reach the 1 metric. Lebanon Central Bank fixed exchange rate system to maintain the policy,why the Junior high silver of the American President is the most recent press conference in the pounds is short-sighted how much depreciation can be heard by anyone”not know”and answered.

The Lebanese Civil War came to an end after the 1990s, the economic downturn continues. The deficit is to expand financial and housing Security Administration last year, 10 months, and free communication app to taxation announced. The gap between rich and poor is rapidly expanding, and led to public discontent has erupted. Anti-government movement across the country to spread, the Prime Minister deposed in the government and powerless as possible. Recently in financial institutions 1 week to be closed, such as the confusion is not resolved.

The weakened state to rebuild a strong leadership is required. The Western media attention is also a high goal, but the future of Lebanon’s political leaders is the possibility that not,and the author only. Of course, as a businessman 剛腕 wielded by him, he,as a politician’s competence remains to be seen. Religion and sect, or regional powers between how the interests of intertwining the political situation of the country to steer to the left to limit them too.

Japan and Lebanon are the criminals of extradition treaties is not the goal, Mr. Japan deported is now expected in…… 1 on 8 October at a press conference in Chicago, said:”the Lebanese people can be proud of”and said the company will continue in Beirut from view to disseminate the policy. The goal, said trends will continue to check.

[吉池 Wei]

* They are also author’s personal view is,our view does not represent. 《SK》

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