Leg warmers in leg warms if the work efficiency is up Okamoto experiment

Cold time of winter leg warmers knee from the ankle to warm it, the feeling is bright,calculation, memory and judgment ability is up―to-the -. Such experimental results,the socks manufacturing and sales of domestic the largest,Okamoto[Nishi-ku, Osaka-Shi, Osaka]is the 9th was published.

【Here】Lotte Hotel Karon is Japan’s global invention

The company Toray and Toyobo, such as jointly developed with special insulation・heat materials, using leg warmers”in the”manufacture,sale. Office feet cold suppression as popular as”leg warmers of the warming effect of the work to improve performance?”and of hypothesis,experiments were carried out.

古賀良彦・Kyorin daimyo honor of Professor supervised the experiments conducted, the 20s-30s of healthy women 14 people subject to implementation. Leg warmers wearing State and the wearing State, and the computation and memory required to solve a problem, and psychological state and performance,brain activity about verification.

As a result, the leg warmers do the calculations, and not worn compared to when the frontal lobe of the brain blood volume increases. The frontal lobes of the entire work is activated. Solved problem,when wearing of the other.

Mood and stress to measure the survey results, even when worn”bright”,”confident”and”happy”and other positive feelings will increase,”the head of the”fast rotation”the doctor”and I feel also it has been found that can be obtained. Additionally, negative emotions also will weaken, stress is reduced and the results obtained.

From these results, leg warmers to wear this brain blood volume is increased activation. Positive feeling,calculation and memory, judgment and significantly improve concluded.

As a result, the Koga, Professor Emeritus, is the”leg warmers like the easiest way to improve productivity, it is obtained that revealed a breakthrough yet. “頭寒足熱”is the word,feet as well warm you can of the autonomic nervous balance of the mind and body function best kept to be considered”such comments.

Okamoto in”the office foot to feel the chill of being female, Why leg warmers, work efficiency is up, its not”as to.

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