Legacy was born in 1989 after a period of change. The origin and lore of Subaru design. 5

Momose ism, succession of sasaki ism
Kato left Fuji Heavy Industries in 1995, but the last decade was also a period of Subaru design revolution. Invited Giorgiet Giugiaro for innovation and commissioned a design. Alcyone SVX was commercialized. The width was wider than the original design, and the retractable headlamp was fixed, but the beautiful design has not faded. In 1989, Legacy was born. It was a good time for designers when Ryuichiro Kuze [later the first president of STI] was appointed Deputy Chief of Technology.

back to the topic. It was in 1975 that Momose, who Kato called his teacher, retired from the position of Technical Director.

The first Legacy, which debuted in 1989, was a work that Kato worked as chief designer. The Legacy Series set a new record in March 1992 with monthly sales of 10,000 units. This record for a small passenger car was a feat for Fuji Heavy Industries. Then, Subaru 360, which Momose sent out to the world, sold 392,000 units in less than 12 years.

"Mr. Momose was a keen sense of design and a trusted technical leader. He explained the mechanism in a way that was easy for us and designers and amateurs to understand, and he had a deep knowledge of design and understood what he wanted to do. It's hard about work, but he's really kind, and Sasaki-san is also a wonderful person: "Even though the times have passed, good things are good. German and French cars can have their own personality." I always said,

The blockbuster has established the foundation of Fuji Heavy Industries as an automobile manufacturer. As the successor of Momose Izum and Sasaki Izum, Kato, who made a new record in Legacy, said, "I finally came up with this. I thought I could give back a little to both of you."

Momose and Sasaki both say "Look at the good ones" every time. Their personalities are very different. Mr. Sasaki is serious, does not drink alcohol, and does not smoke. Momose liked both alcohol and tobacco. But it was the best combination. Sasaki said that Momose said, "Nobody is so sensitive and kind."
, Kato talks about two geniuses.

There is no doubt that Momose Izum and Sasaki Izm are the origins of Subaru's car construction that will lead to the present. Kato put the spirit of the two into Subaru design. Their passion and passion for cars are the roots of the current Subaru design. [Titles omitted in the text]

Published: Nostalgic Hero 2008 August issue @ vol.128 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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