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The legendary free music player "Nadani Hayaemon" known to those in the know. Did you know that you can actually use it on your iPhone?

"Hayaemon-Music Player" makes your usual music more fun

I'm always listening to music on the way home from work, but recently I'm on my playlist. When I was thinking about adding new music, I found an insanely interesting music playback app. that name as well"Hayaemon-Music Player]. Aside from the naming reminiscent of a certain cat-shaped robot, the app is based on free software called "Nadaya Hayaemon". What is the actual situation that really matters?

The speed and pitch of the song can be freely changed!

"Hayaemon-Music Player" is a music player that can change "speed" and "pitch" separately. In addition to adding songs from various services, you can also use the "AB loop function" that is convenient for ear copy and language learning, and the "Equalizer" that lets you adjust the range to your liking.

Immediately click on the button labeled "Control" and you will see the letters "Slow", "Fast", "#" and "♭" on the screen. Apparently here you can change the "speed" and "pitch" of the music. In fact, I found this app, and this feature was what I was most concerned about! Isn't it interesting that you can change the speed and pitch of the music you always listen to at will?

With expectations in mind, first move the round pot at the center to the “#”. Then, the key of the song that was playing so far increased rapidly. Conversely, if you move the round pot toward "♭", the key is now in a low state. …Wait. If this is the case, songs that could not be sung with the original song key can be played according to your own key. Other things like raising the key and trying to make the pitch transcendent slow. The usual tunes sounded like something different, and I was crazy and playing.

"Hayaemon" is going to be my boom for a while!

Hayaemon-Music Player ・ Distributor: Ryota Yamauchi
・ DL price at the time of publication: Free
・ Category: Music
・ Capacity: 66.2 MB
・ Version: 3.61
* Capacity is at maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

© Ryota Yamauchi

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