Legendary rally car Alpine A110│Philosophy inherited for over 50 years

What do you think of the cars that were active in the World Rally Championship [WRC] in the 1960s and 1970s? I guess each person has a longing for it, but the Alpine A110 is a car that is still handed down as "the legendary rally car".

The Alpine A110, which appeared in 1963, was created by Alpine's founder and rally driver, Jean Redere, who created the A108 as a predecessor in pursuit of heights in the motor sports world. Ledere partnered with Renault in 1965 to take part in rallies and races. The A110, which has been reduced in weight to 565 kg, has an FRP body over the backbone frame, and its size is 3850 mm x 1460 mm x 1130 mm [the last model is 90 mm wide and 30 mm low in height]. . The engine is equipped with a Renault 1 liter water cooled 4OHV, with a maximum output of 48ps. However, the lightweight body contributed and demonstrated sufficient power.

At the 1971 Monte Carlo Rally, a 1.6-litre Alpine A110 1600 won the first victory with Swedish driver Obe Anderson, who was active in Monte Carlo and Rally Spain. In 1973 he won the Constructors' Title at the WRC. The technology cultivated in the A110 has been passed down to the machines after it became a Renault umbrella, and the Alpine Renault A442B equipped with a 1977cc engine has also won the Le Mans 24-hour overall championship.

The "Alpine A110, the legendary car" has been back in the long-awaited revival as the "New Alpine A110" in 2018, with support from persistent fans. More than 50 years after its birth, the newly designed A110 has a body size of 4205 mm x 1800 x 1250 mm, but it has a compact size as a sports car. Among them, the original design philosophy is firmly inherited, and Alpine's thought of "sports car" is thoroughly poured. The four lights at the front and the form that falls smoothly toward the rear will also be the case. The basic model, the A110 Pure, is a tribute to the Monte Carlo champion A110.

Of course, the impression of the original is different due to the aggressive front face and the increase in overall height, but it is A110, a midship sports car interpreted in modern times. The engine is equipped with a 1.8-liter direct-injection turbo 4-cylinder at the rear of the bucket seat, achieving sharp throttle response and full-torque running at all speeds. The maximum output reaches 250hp. It can enjoy the power and engine sound unique to this model, and contributes to weight reduction by using lightweight wheels made of hooks and lightweight bucket seats made of Saberto. Many of these elements are fused together, and many people say that they will be "amazed by the good balance" when riding.

Despite the difference in appearance and power, the concept of "Alpine" was born, and the concept of "a car that can be enjoyed in the winding Alps" has never wavered.

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