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"Lego x Super Mario" first collaboration, digital block toy made and play course announced-Engadget Japan version

Lego mario
LEGO Japan will launch a digital block toy called LEGO Super Mario in collaboration with Nintendo Super Mario within 2020.

This is the first collaboration product between LEGO and Super Mario, and although it is a block toy, you can enjoy the reaction like a video game. This product was announced a few days ago on LEGO official Twitter as "LEGO Mario". This is the form that was announced again.

Lego bricks make a course like Super Mario Bros. Parts such as clay pipes, hatena blocks, cribbons, saws and goal flags are available. There are also figures of "Lego Mario" that are nervous, change the expression according to the mechanism of the course, make a funny scream called "Hyafo" depending on how you move, and earn coins by stepping on the enemy.

Lego mario

In other words, while enjoying the fun of assembling unique to LEGO while making a course, you can run Mario on the course you made and collect coins in two ways. The details of how Mario is reacting are not disclosed at the moment, but if you closely observe the movie, there is a button like Bluetooth on the back of Mario, and some blocks look like tags like RFID You can see that something is attached.

LEGO Super Mario will be released by LEGO in late 2020. At the time of announcement, prices etc. have not been announced.

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