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Lemon and apple added to the exclusive refill of "Plume Tech Plus", rich flavor with rare tobacco leaves-Engadget Japan version

May 29th, JT will release the exclusive refills "Mobius Gold Yellow Mint" and "Mobius Gold Red Mint" for the low temperature heating device "Ploom TECH +" for tobacco. Will be on sale. It will be available at convenience stores nationwide and some tobacco retailers. CLUB JT Online Shop, Nationwide Bloom Shop, and some tobacco retailers will start pre-sale on May 18. The price is 500 yen each (tax included).

Mobius Gold Yellow Mint has a lemon flavor, and Mobius Gold Red Mint has an apple flavor, both of which have a rich flavor and ripe aroma like ripe fruit.

You can enjoy the rich tobacco flavor and aroma with a brand that uses the rare "Gold Leaf" tobacco leaf. Whereas other brands are worth 1 to 3 tars for 10 puffs. This brand has a content equivalent to 2 to 5 tars per 10 puffs.

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