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Let's fully enjoy the nostalgic Showa Yokohama at home! -Yokohama City Tramway Museum YouTube Official Channel-

The Yokohama Tram Museum was opened on the site of the Takigashira Vehicle Factory in August 1973, the year after the tram was abolished, and then rebuilt on the first floor of the current municipal housing in 1983. It was Inside the hall, seven streetcars, stop signs, and paving stones are preserved as they were at the time, and they are recreated so that you can feel the "time" and "air" of the time when the streetcars were running.

Although it is closed at this time, you can watch a video of the streetcar running in the city of Yokohama at that time on the YouTube channel, as well as a streetcar simulator CG video on the YouTube streetcar preservation YouTube channel. Why not enjoy Yokohama in the Showa period with the nostalgic images of the time?

Yokohama City Tramway Museum YouTube official channel

Yokohama tram preservation building

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The era of Yokohama streetcar
Hirokazu Hasegawa
Taisho Publishing

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