Let's learn how to use "Emergency SOS" on iPhone just in case

Suddenly, have you ever encountered an accident / incident? Asking for help from the police or fire department knows it's your head, but you're upset and can't move your hand. Anyway, if you have an iPhone, get in touch by phone as fast as possible. To do so, it is necessary to confirm the operation from normal times.

The iPhone has an "Emergency SOS" in case something goes wrong. Emergency SOS is a feature of iOS 11 or later that allows you to call the police, fire department, and Japan Coast Guard and report your current location even when your iPhone is locked. Even if you're not upset, it's hard to tell where you are, so make sure you use it in the event of an accident / incident.

On iPhone X and later models, press and hold the volume control button on the right side of the main unit (side button) at the same time, and on other models, press the side button / sleep button five times in succession to switch the screen and the emergency SOS slider appears . If you slide it to the right, police (110), Japan Coast Guard (118), and fire / emergency (119) appear as candidates, and you can make a call with just a tap. Because you don't have to dial a number, it should be easier to deal with if you're upset.

If you are not confident because you are too nervous, or if you want to have fewer steps, let's enable the automatic notification function. Open the screen in the order of "Settings" → "Emergency SOS", turn on the "Automatic notification" switch (white → green), and you're ready to go. Now, just press and hold the side button and volume control button, the emergency SOS screen will appear automatically without having to slide the emergency SOS slider to the right.

Easy explanation of operation procedure

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    1 Button on the right side of the main unit (side button) If you press and hold the volume control button on the left side at the same time, an emergency SOS slider appears, slide it to the right

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    Two Police (110), Coast Guard (118), Fire / Ambulance (119) appear as candidates, tap to call

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    Three Emergency SOS settings can be changed from "Settings" → "Emergency SOS"

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    Four In addition to the automatic notification switch, you can also set whether to emit a warning sound at the countdown until the emergency SOS screen appears

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