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LG G8X ThinQ Camera Review: “Variable Distortion Correction” to be Playable, Know-how that pioneered ultra-wide angle-Engadget Japan edition

LG G8X ThinQ "data-caption =" LG G8X ThinQ Cameras "data-credit =" Shingi Hashimoto / Engadget Japan "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-4-2421862-1575641314237 "data-media-id =" 9744b9ed-5159-49aa-a314-6550157c5383 "data-original-url =" 2019-12 / b950b600-1831-11ea-a6fb-4b2cbbb75d47 "data-title =" LG G8X ThinQ "src =" 2019-12 / b950b600-1831-11ea-a6fb-4b2cbbb75d47 "/><br /><img alt=▲ Tokyo night view taken from almost the same position. With the standard camera (first image), you can cover the rooftop where you can finally enter in a portrait, but with the ultra-wide angle (second image), you can cover it in the horizontal position. Intense perspective due to ultra-wide angle is also a point

It is a super wide-angle camera. Although it is a function that has become a hot topic with the iPhone 11 series,This camera can shoot a wide range that exceeds the rival, with a nominal angle of view of 136 degrees. This is a surprising value of 9 to 10 mm when converted to 35 mm.In addition, it also has the feature that (distortion correction) that is unique to ultra-wide-angle cameras can be changed in stages.

The reason why I introduced "this time" here is that LG smartphones have been equipped with these functions for a long time … Rather, they created a trend to install recent ultra-wide-angle camera modules on smartphones. This is because the manufacturer was ahead of the trend of ultra-wide-angle so that it could be called LG.

Specifically, the “LG G5” announced worldwide in February 2016 is installed in the “isai Beat” released in November of the same year in Japan, and the angle of view is almost the same as this unit. Same wide as 135 degrees. Since then it has been inherited without interruption in LG's flagship-class model (although the angle of view has narrowed depending on the season). That isThis machine is also a model that has inherited the know-how of super wide-angle smartphones that LG has accumulated for three and a half yearsThat's why.

HoweverEven though it was very ahead, there was a lot of “sega in the smartphone industry” that said that this point was hardly brought forward at this timing when super-wide-angle cameras began to attract attentionIt is LG, both good and bad, and personally very frustrating.

I understand that I want to give priority to the feature introductions on the two screens, but as soon as I feel this is a waste. So, this time, following the review of the main unit, we will focus on the camera on the back (main) side, without touching the two-screen story and the front camera (which is also an amazing specification).

The review in 2 screens is summarized by Dr. Yamane, Junya Ishino, Toru Ishii and Shintaro Kaneko, Mr. Ishii is about camera shooting in 2 screens, Mr. Kaneko's article is about the front camera Also introduced. Please take a look at this article.

Distortion correction control that realizes an ultra-wide angle equivalent to a nominal 9mm
Diagonal fisheye effect when off

LG G8X ThinQ "data-caption =" LG G8X ThinQ Cameras "data-credit =" Shingi Hashimoto / Engadget Japan "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-6-4038209-1575641314260 "data-media-id =" 52b252bd-221b-4250-bf49-19eb2f60c180 "data-original-url =" 2019-12 / b8fc0650-1831-11ea-bfff-fc4a1290bcdd "data-title =" LG G8X ThinQ "src =" 2019-12 / b8fc0650-1831-11ea-bfff-fc4a1290bcdd "/><br /><strong>▲ Super wide angle (left) with distortion correction turned on and right (right) with distortion correction turned on. When turned off, you can see that the surroundings are distorted very round and at the same time a wider range is accommodated</strong></p>
<p>So let's start with an ultra-wide-angle camera. Although it is an ultra-wide angle that is becoming increasingly rare due to the fact that it is becoming a trend at present, the feature of this unit is its strong "wide angle".</p>
<p>If you look closely at the release at the time of the announcement, it is casually written that the angle of view is 136 degrees, but this is a value that is comparable to 9 to 10 mm when converted to 35 mm. Although I declined earlier, when I wanted to measure the angle of view with a 9mm lens or rival model, I was not able to prepare this time (I'm sorry).</p>
<p>And the writer had a point that stuck beyond this wide angle. That is, “distortion correction can be controlled step by step in an ultra-wide angle”.<br />“Distortion correction” here refers to correcting surrounding distortion caused by an ultra-wide-angle lens. In the case of a lens with a very wide angle, if it is converted into data as it is, the surroundings will be distorted into a spherical shape, and it will become a photo with a sense of incongruity in general applications. Read the article by Satoshi Nakayama).</p>
<p>(embed) (/ embed)</p>
<p>Before explaining "Wonderful", let's touch on the actual operation. The above is a video recording the operating procedure.</p>
<p>The actual operation is performed using the zoom function of the standard camera app. The camera application's zoom and lens switching is an iPhone-like operation. Tap to switch the preset angle of view (1x the normal and 0.5x the super wide angle loop), and drag to zoom Specification that can be done.</p>
<p>Distortion can be adjusted when this zoom operation is used to adjust the wide-angle side from the ultra-wide-angle preset state (distortion correction on). In other words, this is a “back-to-back” operation that cannot be used with a super-wide-angle designation with a tap.</p>
<p>When this operation is performed, the distortion correction gradually becomes loose, and the surrounding clipped area also enters (= wider angle). However, on the other hand, the surroundings are distorted in a circular shape, and it becomes a state close to a so-called diagonal fisheye lens (this process is unavoidable in principle. In addition, since this phenomenon also appears, it seems that it is a hidden operation) )</p>
<p>(embed) (/ embed)</p>
<p>This is the video actually shot by the above operation. You can see how distortion correction is gradually changed by the zoom operation on the wide-angle side, and that the telephoto side can be done quite aggressively, up to 8 times while digital zooming.</p>
<p>Now, what is amazing about this is that it is possible to continuously vary the effectiveness of distortion correction. As introduced in Mr. Nakayama's article above, for example, distortion correction is always valid for the iPhone 11 series, and it is a valid / invalid switching process for Xperia 1.</p>
<p>In other words, like this unit, the specification that “the distortion correction can be considered as part of the zoom and the effect can be adjusted” is quite unique. And this is also a point that can be a very stinging function for users and photographers who are used to some degree of super-wide-angle lenses.</p>
<p>This is because the distortion around the super-wide-angle lens can be used as part of the technique from the viewpoint of photographic expression. For example, when shooting a skyscraper, it is a standard expression to intentionally stretch the figure of a person walking nearby and emphasize the height of the building by deformation.</p>
<p><img alt=▲ Shooting with super wide angle + distortion correction on. A strong perspective is applied to the person underneath, but if distortion correction is applied, it will also be distorted in the horizontal direction. Using these features as an expression is one of the benefits for those who are used to photographic expression.

In addition to this photographic expression, it is a function that can of course be used when you want to keep a subject at the edge of the edge even if the surroundings are distorted.

In addition, “Gallery” of the standard application of this unit is a specification that displays the focal length in 35mm equivalent. However, the trial machine displayed "13mm" even when the distortion was corrected and at the maximum wide angle (distortion correction off). Perhaps the actual pattern should be 13mm when distortion correction is enabled, and spread further when distortion correction is turned off.

Appropriate levels for functions other than ultra-wide angle
Advanced HDR and AI Auto are also "effective with a feeling of overdoing"

LG G8X ThinQ "data-caption =" LG G8X ThinQ Cameras "data-credit =" Shingi Hashimoto / Engadget Japan "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-11-7040403-1575641314320 "data-media-id =" d0719177-9ca4-44d0-95d0-3741579f2bf5 "data-original-url =" 2019-12 / b9a58cc0-1831-11ea-9f3e-43fe43a91542 "data-title =" LG G8X ThinQ "src =" 2019-12 / b9a58cc0-1831-11ea-9f3e-43fe43a91542 "/><br /><strong>▲ The fact that smartphone cameras in the last two to three years have made great progress has enabled us to shoot beautifully without illumination correction. Unique to models that support so-called "Advanced HDR" processing</strong></p>
<p>Up to this point, we have only introduced the ultra-wide angle, but let's also introduce the basic camera functions and image quality (although subjectivity is a big factor, as the image quality is naturally a sensory evaluation).</p>
<p>The configuration of the camera module on the rear side is a dual camera with 12 million pixels for the main and 13 million pixels for the ultra wide angle.<a href=The image sensor is mentioned in Engadget's review in ChinaSony (IMX363) for main (wide angle) and Samsung (S5K3M3) for super wide angle.

Especially for the main module, it seems to be said that the appropriate model is used in terms of price (although it is not the best sensor as mentioned in the corresponding article).

For basic camera functions and app creation, Imadoki's so-called “AI (subject detection) + advanced HDR” is a generation. Although it is not very appealing in terms of functionality, it is an impression that it is gathered together in a good sense.

LG G8X ThinQ "data-caption =" LG G8X ThinQ Cameras "data-credit =" Shingi Hashimoto / Engadget Japan "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-12-9686334-1575641314329 "data-media-id =" 1b697d3d-f5b0-49e9-a363-f55648d9a185 "data-original-url =" 2019-12 / baec3d90-1831-11ea-bb3b-154dc73684e2 "data-title =" LG G8X ThinQ "src =" 2019-12 / baec3d90-1831-11ea-bb3b-154dc73684e2 "/><br /><strong>▲ This is true even if a spotlighted sign is on HDR. Even in places with strong contrasts such as in and around the store</strong></p>
<p>In terms of advanced HDR, the author is seeing a trend in several models<strong>"Karasuma Bench" (test to check the effectiveness of HDR by taking a picture of a bright spotlight at night in the pub "Karasuma Suisan")</strong>I also tried it.</p>
<p>From the results, it seems that the overexposure is moderately suppressed in terms of resistance to extremely bright spotlight signs and illumination.<br />However, the default exposure method is not "High priority for prevention of overexposure", and exposure correction etc. may be required directly under the spotlight (as expected, including HDR related) (This model is not as strong as the iPhone 11 and Pixel 4).</p>
<p><img alt=LG G8X ThinQ "data-caption =" LG G8X ThinQ Cameras "data-credit =" Shingi Hashimoto / Engadget Japan "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-13-9320516-1575641314338 "data-media-id =" abd8ebb7-47eb-4993-8fb6-a02a12bad576 "data-original-url =" 2019-12 / bb266060-1831-11ea-bf5d-262b0779b3ca "data-title =" LG G8X ThinQ "src =" 2019-12 / bb266060-1831-11ea-bf5d-262b0779b3ca "/><br /><strong>▲ A test with a lighter exposure with the signboard just above (the second sheet is a cut of the area near the lower left of the first sheet at approximately the same magnification). The original photo is ISO100, but this level of noise remains. If noise reduction is important, there is also a night view mode (a type that uses multi-shot noise reduction).</strong></p>
<p>Also, in a good sense, the LG camera seems to have a relatively modest image quality adjustment (contrast and white balance adjustment) in AI mode. For example, dark noise when HDR is on is not reduced much. Compared to the Huawei high-end models that are familiar with this area, it seems plain at first glance, but it also has the merit that if you turn the other side, it will tend to be less overkill.</p>
<p><img alt=▲ AI Auto (“AI Camera” in the app) is the setting item name “Automatic Scene Adjustment”. It may be hard to understand before you get used to it

Regarding AI Auto, the operation setting can be switched with the item “ Automatic scene adjustment '' in the settings of the camera application, but since it is modest in a good sense, basically it feels good to keep it enabled It was.

LG G8X ThinQ "data-caption =" LG G8X ThinQ Cameras "data-credit =" Shingi Hashimoto / Engadget Japan "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-5-1051480-1575641314247 "data-media-id =" 79659b48-076b-4e72-aeb7-091efcea5ea4 "data-original-url =" 2019-12 / b9002500-1831-11ea-aeb5-922e04fe03c8 "data-title =" LG G8X ThinQ "src =" 2019-12 / b9002500-1831-11ea-aeb5-922e04fe03c8 "/><br /><img alt=LG G8X ThinQ "data-caption =" LG G8X ThinQ Cameras "data-credit =" Shingi Hashimoto / Engadget Japan "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-7-9342294-1575641314273 "data-media-id =" 4009aacf-2e4b-4368-a796-4736a1b0fdd8 "data-original-url =" 2019-12 / b995ae40-1831-11ea-aabf-2c5964c6d860 "data-title =" LG G8X ThinQ "src =" 2019-12 / b995ae40-1831-11ea-aabf-2c5964c6d860 "/><br /><img alt=▲ Pixel extraction from ultra-wide angle (distortion correction on) to standard, 8x maximum telephoto, and approximately 1x maximum telephoto. So-called super-resolution processing is also included, and it is the point that there is little roughness while expanding with software

AndFor telephoto side (because telephoto camera is not installed), only enlargement by software. Nevertheless, the point is that it can be expanded up to 8 times and is quite bold.So-called super-resolution processing is also performed, for example, even if characters and illustrations are magnified at the maximum zoom, the result will not appear as rough as expected (of course, with subjects that are not good, a so-called “painted feeling” will appear) I will come).

Another thing that impressed me a bit was that when I tap the subject and specify the focus and exposure, the MF (manual focus) button is displayed along with the exposure compensation slider. Pressing this will change the slider to focus adjustment.

If you are familiar with smartphone cameras to some extent, when you tap the subject and focus it, it will be in a state where it is difficult to focus depending on the shape of the subject etc., and focus several times while shifting the point I think that the experience of … was encountered not once or twice.

This feature is very helpful when doing so. If you feel that you are out of focus, you can immediately set the manual focus and manually, but you can immediately follow the focus. This is especially appreciated for users who often use macro photography.

LG G8X ThinQ "data-caption =" LG G8X ThinQ Cameras "data-credit =" Shingi Hashimoto / Engadget Japan "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-8-4106421-1575641314285 "data-media-id =" b0388bff-6130-4e87-9245-bbbfcae39a42 "data-original-url =" 2019-12 / b99ab750-1831-11ea-b7cd-168ae2df4e38 "data-title =" LG G8X ThinQ "src =" 2019-12 / b99ab750-1831-11ea-b7cd-168ae2df4e38 "/><br /><strong>▲ The shooting mode of the standard camera app can be expanded by downloading. It will be displayed if you select "Other" from the mode selection</strong></p>
<p>In addition, it has a unique function in the video. It is a function named “Point Zoom” that is installed in the 2017 models “LG V30 +” and “isai V30 +”.<br />This is a mode that allows you to zoom not only in the center of the screen, but also in any location, and also allows you to “keep zooming at a constant speed” like a professional camera. You will be able to use the smooth zoom processing you see in professional videos.</p>
<p>In order to use this function, you must add a mode by downloading from the camera application (Yes, the camera application of this unit can increase the shooting mode by downloading).<br />In order to use point zoom, you can introduce a mode called “Cine Video”. The main purpose of this mode is to “apply movie-like filter effects in real time to movies”, so you can enjoy various filter effects.</p>
<p><img alt=LG G8X ThinQ "data-caption =" LG G8X ThinQ Cameras "data-credit =" Shingi Hashimoto / Engadget Japan "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-15-9163106-1575641314354 "data-media-id =" 78058d30-e2d0-4256-8d15-103c3785cb13 "data-original-url =" 2019-12 / bb533cc0-1831-11ea-bf52-915da70896a3 "data-title =" LG G8X ThinQ "src =" 2019-12 / bb533cc0-1831-11ea-bf52-915da70896a3 "/><br /><strong>▲ As introduced in the first part, the fingerprint on the lens (camera) part is a weak point of this unit until you get used to it. Depending on how the fingerprint is attached, it may cause flare like the first one, so don't forget to check the lens as much as possible</strong></p>
<p>As you can see, this is a high-end model at the end of 2019 in terms of advanced HDR and shooting mode. As mentioned in the first part, “It is easy to get fingerprints without knowing it because it is designed to cover the back of the main body with a single piece of glass.”</p>
<p>The point that the back surface is completely flat is the beauty of this unit (it is worth it for humans, it is very big), but on the other hand, when using only the body, the camera lens part is distinguished by the touch of the finger There is also a situation where the lens part has a fingerprint while you are not familiar with it.</p>
<p>Personally, when I wasn't used to it, there was a flashy flare when I shot it, and I often wiped out "Oh, it's a fingerprint …".</p>
<p><img alt=▲ If you take brown food with AI Auto-On, it will finish deliciously with a reasonable color temperature correction. Good feeling for fried chicken and yakitori

As you can see, the G8X ThinQ camera is a very interesting place where you can see useful functions and unique modes everywhere.

As a writer, as I introduced in the first part, the headphone jack is equipped with a high-quality DAC and the point that the main body is flat on both sides.This is also a point with a high degree of “sega in the smartphone industry”), FeliCa + Osaifu-Keitai, Full Seg + TV tuner compatible with recording, and waterproof and dust-proof specifications are included. I would also like to tell you that it is a model that can be noticed (with Sega fan-like heat).

LG G8X ThinQ "data-caption =" LG G8X ThinQ Cameras "data-credit =" Shingi Hashimoto / Engadget Japan "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-17-6812216-1575641314364 "data-media-id =" d524cf3c-a6a0-48d2-b9b8-5b392d4a5574 "data-original-url =" 2019-12 / bb89b610-1831-11ea-bde3-67e60d7b8bc9 "data-title =" LG G8X ThinQ "src =" 2019-12 / bb89b610-1831-11ea-bde3-67e60d7b8bc9 "/><br /><strong>▲ I couldn't introduce this time, but in fact the video function is also substantial. It supports 4K resolution / 60fps firmly, and features a high-sensitivity microphone mode for ASMR video (increases the microphone gain so that even small sounds can be collected)</strong></p>
<p>Considering the affordable price, which is a direct factor that attracted much attention, this machine can be used for such an interesting ultra-wide angle, and the processing speed when processing images after shooting is not bad. (This is a 855-equipped machine.)</p>
<p>If you are a heavy user with these camera functions, you should definitely try this unit at a store. Also, if you have already purchased this unit, please play with a super-wide-angle camera.</p>
<p><img alt=▲ Of course, as others have said, this is a very fun model even in a two-screen state. In addition, the screen is the 2nd gag of the author's whole body, “Shinku (official ThinQ) and Shinkyu and Chenkyu”

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