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LG mobile notebook gram 2020 version announced in Japan. Ice Lake inherits RAM slot-Engadget Japan

LG gram 2020 Japan ModelLG Electronics Japan has announced the Japanese version of 19 models of 3 series [some models are limited to dealers] as the 2020 model of the mobile notebook PC "LG gram". The sale date is from February 7, and the estimated price is around 140,000 yen for the 14-inch version, around 170,000 yen for the 15.6 inch version, and around 190,000 yen for the 17-inch version.

The gram series is a model characterized by the fact that it is lightweight and can be operated for a long time, and it can also receive extended services of memory and SSD [if it is at your own risk, it can be expanded with commercially available RAM or SSD]. These characteristics are almost all inherited in this generation.

Furthermore, the features compared to the current model are that the CPU is "Ice Lake" and that the generation has been replaced by a graphics-oriented version of Intel's 10th generation Core. In addition, when compared with other rivals, it is a very unusual machine with Ice Lake, which is a very special "memory slot mounted specification". In addition, the specification of M.2 SSD slot x2 will be continued from the present [details will be described later].

LG gram 2020 Japan Model
▲ A list of 2020 models [excluding dealer-only models] and reference prices. Since the 13-inch model has disappeared, the lowest price as a series has risen, but it is about the same level as the current level

LG gram 2020 Japan Model
▲ 14-inch / white keyboard. The standard is Japanese layout even in this generation. The detailed shape is the same as the current model

When looking at the entire product lineup [in conjunction with Ice Lake], all models have Thunderbolt 3 installed, all standard SSDs have been accelerated to PCI Express connection / NVMe specification, and The 13-inch version, which had been the longest and most affordable model with the longest battery life, has been removed from the lineup, and the addition of a model with Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019 has also been added.

LG gram 2020 Japan Model
▲ The 17-inch model, which was renowned as a “17-inch mobile device,” has almost the same appearance. Lightness and long battery life are almost inherited

The biggest feature inherited from the current model is the lightness of the body. The 14-inch version weighs 999 g, weighs 1.12 kg for a 15-inch screen, and 1.35 kg for a 17-inch screen.
In particular, the 17-inch version is almost the same as the current model, which is the lightest in the world, at about 1.34 kg, and the composition is lighter than other models. The 14-inch version also has a slight increase because the current model is 995g, but it also weighs less than 1kg and almost unchanged.

On the other hand, the 14-inch version has a very large battery capacity of 72 Wh, and the 15- and 17-inch versions have a very large battery capacity of 80 Wh. Correspondingly, the drive time is longer, about 22 to 22.5 hours for 14 inches and 15 inches, and about 19.5 hours for 17 inches [JEITA 2.0 measurement method]. Since the current model is 72Wh for all models, it will increase for 15-inch and 17-inch models.

However, in terms of driving time compared to the current model, the power consumption has been increased due to the enhancement of the CPU, etc., and the 14-inch model has been significantly reduced [from about 27 hours at present to about 22 to 22.5 hours]. In addition, 15 inches will be extended by increasing the battery [from 20 hours to 22.5 hours], and 17 inches will be reduced [from about 22 hours to about 19.5 hours].

LG gram 2020 Japan Model
LG gram 2020 Japan Model
▲ 14-inch version expansion terminals. Thunderbolt 3 [also USB Type-C] has only one port on the left. Same as the current model, but here I wanted to increase

LG gram 2020 Japan Model
LG gram 2020 Japan Model
▲ In the 15-inch and 17-inch versions, one USB 3.0 [Type-A] is added on the right side. In addition, there is a hidden feature that "micro SD card slot is also used for UFS card" in all sizes

Also, the body size has changed slightly, such as the depth has been slightly reduced. For example, the size of a 14-inch model is 323.4 x 209.8 x 16.8 mm [width x depth x thickness]. The depth is reduced by about 2mm from the current model [thickness is increased by 0.3mm].
However, the basic exterior design, including the expansion terminals, and the keyboard layout are the same as the current model. At first glance it is no different from the current model.

LG gram 2020 Japan Model
▲ 17-inch keyboard. Even in this generation, it will be a common numeric keypad type with 15 inches

LG gram 2020 Japan Model
▲ The happy features of LGgram, the upgrade service, will be inherited even in this generation. Plenty of slots [from press release]

By the way, regarding the point of "memory slot mounted specifications" introduced at the beginning, LG gram is very rare as a mobile notebook PC of recent years, the main memory [RAM] is implemented through the slot, Specifications that can be added or exchanged via.This is inherited by the 2020 model, which is common to all three sizes, and has two slots for both RAM and SSD.

In general mobile notebook PCs, RAM is directly attached to the board, whereas LG gram has such a structure, "It is possible to add RAM after purchase without replacing the main unit, and it can be done at low cost." It was common on PCs, but nowadays "lost"] has great benefits.

Officially, the "LG gram upgrade service" provided by LG Electronics will support the exchange and expansion of memory and SSD, but if you are at your own risk, you will be able to add and replace general-purpose RAM and SSD. Is possible. "
For this reason, the gram series also has the side of being a self-made PC group or a model that is more popular than heavy users who are used to PCs for a long time.

In addition, such a mounting method should be only this series, especially for models with Ice Lake on the CPU. Because, to take advantage of the graphics performance of the Ice Lake built-in GPU, ultra-high-speed RAM [LPDDR4 / X-3733] that operates at 3733 MHz is required.
However, since this RAM cannot be installed in the slot, this series uses DDR4-3200 [equivalent to 3200MHz].

In other words, this gram series"In order to inherit the merit of expandable RAM, we decided to lower the memory speed while using a machine with Ice Lake."This is a design model.
I guess, "Well then, should the 10th generation Core be the" Comet Lake "better?" But this is because the Thunderbolt 3 controller has a built-in CPU and the graphics speed [even with DDR4-3200] It seems that Lake is better, and it is a choice based on future CPU enhancement plans.

LG gram 2020 Japan Model
▲ This is a 15-inch / dark silver model. Basically, it has the same appearance as 17 inches as it is now

Furthermore, the point of robustness which is another characteristic of the current model is inherited. The same level as the current model is appealed, including consideration of impact resistance by the exterior using magnesium alloy and clearing seven items of the US Department of Defense's "MIL-STD-810G" compliant test.

LG gram 2020 Japan Model
▲ Basic specifications for each screen size. Wireless LAN has also been accelerated to Wi-Fi 6 compatible with CPU

The main specifications are as shown above. CPU is Core i3 / i5 / i7 only for 14 inch model, Core i5 / i7 for remaining 2 sizes. As for the built-in GPU, only Core i3 is Intel UHD graphics, but i5 and i7 equipped machines adopt high speed Iris Plus at all sizes. The LG Electronics side claims to be "up to twice the performance of current models" [CPU model name "G7", so it is the highest class].

The display panel is almost the same as the current model with a reputation. All models use IPS liquid crystal, with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 for 17-inch and full HD for 14 and 15-inch. As for the color gamut, the sRGB ratio is 96%, which is an excellent level for a mobile notebook PC equipped with an LCD.

LG gram 2020 Japan Model
▲ The top of the dark silver model. The logo is simple this time, only "gram"

LG gram 2020 Japan Model

In this way, the LG gram 2020 model keeps the concept of balancing lightness and driving time supported by the current model, while renewing the core CPU and motherboard etc. A model that can be called.

On the other hand, as mentioned above, including the specifications that “ we stuck to expandability even if the speed was reduced intentionally '', the point that even though the model with Microsoft Office was added, the non-installed model will be sold continuously, etc. We know exactly what was supported. "The design and model configuration that hold down the key points that heavy users are pleased with have been carried over from the current model.

With the addition of Office-equipped machines, the 2020 model is likely to have more exposure at dealers than the current model. For the authors and the readers of this magazine, we can call this model a "light and relatively inexpensive mobile notebook PC that can be upgraded," as it is.


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