"Life's greatest end" Nom 870 days TBS exclusive adhesion

On TBS information variety program “Bakuho! THE Friday” broadcast on the 21st [Friday 7:00 pm], it is possible to broadcast the appearance of the last TV appearance of Katsuya Nomura [84 years old] who died suddenly on the 11th. I understand on the 20th.

The program has been following Nomura for 870 days since its first appearance in 2017. He looks back on Nomura's face in the program, including the lonely days of his beloved wife Sachiyo's sudden death, and the "life's greatest end" that he had been doing a year and 10 months ago.

The location on January 24, 18 days before his death, will be broadcast. The content is a former professional baseball player who asks Nomura as a teacher and Nomura's stunning reunion location. Attention is drawn to what Mr. Nomura talks to his reunion just before his death.

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