Lifestyle of "poor person" who does not get rich

◆ Behavior that I have not done since I became rich
Since I chose to live as an entrepreneur / investor, my habits have changed. That is, "I almost never went to a convenience store."

Convenience stores are really convenient, and I used to use them instead of refrigerators, but now there is almost no need to shop at convenience stores.

Most of the meals are handmade because health is of paramount importance. I do not drink soft drinks at all, but drink mineral water delivered online. One 2L PET bottle costs 68 yen. When you go out, bring water from a 500ml plastic bottle stocked by mail order. It is 35 yen each.

Beer and chu-hi are also mail order, and batteries are bought at home improvement stores and stocked. In other words, the consumables that are likely to be needed in the house are presumed in advance and cheaply stocked at online shopping, 100 yen shops, home centers, etc., so you have to shop at a convenience store due to the sudden situation There are almost no scenes.

◆ Meat buns and fried chicken, shopping at convenience stores every day when poor
However, when I was a poor student-in my early twenties, I went to convenience stores almost every day. Not only because he worked at the convenience store headquarters, but also because he was careless about his health and he didn't even imagine what would be needed in the house. There was also the idea that "you should buy it at a convenience store."

And it was customary to stop by a convenience store for a while, even if there was no business. Then I tried to buy “ Ah, new products are out '' or stimulated my desire in front of the cash register, “ Ah, I want to eat meat, '' “ I want to eat fried chicken '', and I acted like I just bought it is.

This does not mean that you are not going to a convenience store or shopping at a convenience store. Some people may judge that it is more reasonable to use a convenience store to beat them in their own lifestyle, and that "stocking is more annoying".

Rather, it is dangerous to shop at a convenience store unconsciously. Convenience stores are basically priced and packed with tricks that make you want to buy, so if you don't think about it, you can get more and more money.

However, since I am from this industry, there is a contradictory desire to have more people use convenience stores.

Sentence = Tokio Kodo [money guide]
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