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Light spring makeup is completed! “ Lunasol 2020 Spring New Item '' comes with moist matte textured eye shadow and 2-color set cheek color

Bright colors you want to take in the new season!

You can enjoy the make-up that incorporates spring color ahead of time,“ Lunasol Spring 2020 new work ''Appeared!オ イ ル From the new spring work with a beautiful color that makes your mind bounce, this time an oil-based eyeshadow with a moist mat texture"Lunasol Gram Wink Frost"And a two-color set teak color"Lunasol Coloring Glaze"Pick up. I tried new bright and light spring items!

Moist mat new texture! New oil-based spring eye shadow from Lunasol!

Kanebo cosmeticsFrom the makeup brand "Lunasol", January 10, 2020,“ Lunasol Spring 2020 new work ''Appeared! Six types of items will be released, including Matt Lip, Nuance Sluge, 4-color set eyeshadow, oil-based single color eyeshadow, 2-color set cheek color and nail color. This time, I picked up an oil-based eyeshadow and a two-color set teak color!

"Lunasol Gram Wink Frost" (5 colors, 3,200 yen excl. Tax, on sale January 10, 2020)Is a new oil-based eye shadow. It features a new moist mat texture with a unique moist feeling. It blends into the eyelids softly and creates a gentle gloss and a transparent look.

The color variations include the soft antique "01 Cameo Pink", the chic "02 Mauve Brown" with a feminine scent, the "03 Mimosa Yellow" with a warm impression wrapped in light, and the vivid brown Five types of "04 Copper Rust" to brew, and "05 Beryl Green" as dignified and deep as the clear water bottom.

The lineup has spring-like colors that brighten your eyes and you can enjoy light color makeup.

"Lunasol II Coloring Glaze" (1 new color, 1 limited edition, 6,200 yen excl. Tax, on sale January 10, 2020)Is a two-color set of cheek colors that blends color and light to create a reddish and three-dimensional effect. Brown nuances and color flash pearls create a shiny skin.

There are two color variations: "03 Sepia Orchid", which comes in a set of bluish pink and brown, and "EX02 Suntan Orange", which is available in limited quantity with an orange and white color set.

Spring color makeup with a soft look is fresh!

I tried to make what kind of makeup using new spring items!

First of all, from the eye shadow "05 Beryl Green".

The color is blue green, and the glitter of the pearl is beautiful.

Take it with your finger and apply it to your eyelids. Because of the oil base, it has a moist texture and adheres perfectly to the eyelids.

When spread, the texture changes to a matte texture, and the soft and transparent color development is beautiful. From the moment of application, the color blends into the eyelid as if it had been carefully blurred. You can easily adjust the shade of the color while adjusting it with your finger, so you can create your favorite color.

It is cute even if it is applied only to the upper eyelid. The pale blue green with a sense of sheerness was soft and ephemeral and gave a soft look.

When I paint on the lower eyelids …

Eyes that are more stylish and impressive! I thought it was a difficult color, but when I actually tried using it, I felt it was easy to use without too strong a claim.

Then teak.

Try using the limited color "EX02 Suntan Orange".

A combination of healthy orange color and sparkling white color with plenty of pearls.

Apply the right white-collar powder to the included brush and blend in with the back of your hand.

Apply to the high part of the cheek.

Then, apply orange-colored powder to your cheeks with a brush.

The familiar orange color gives a natural ruddy appearance, and the result is a healthy cheek. If you want more gloss and clarity, you can even add white color to finish.

It shines brightly in the light and creates a three-dimensional effect.

Finally, one of the new spring items,"Lunasol @ Seamless Matte Lipps" (2 out of a total of 12 colors, 3,800 yen excl. Tax, on sale January 10, 2020)Try using "07 Nude Beige".

Extends smoothly and blends into your lips. Despite the matte texture, the lips are moist. The color is natural and easy to use.

Although it is natural, it is finished with a stylish color scheme that incorporates spring colors. The soft atmosphere is perfect for spring!

Recommended for those who want to enjoy spring-like color makeup and those who want to produce femininity with soft impression makeup!

"Lunasol @ 2020 Spring New" can be purchased at department stores and department stores.

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