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Lighter than 4.8-inch iPhone 8 6.4-inch AQUOS zero2, even lighter by changing components-Engadget Japan version

New smartphone released in early 2020AQUOS Zero2" Sharp, the developer, announced that the weight of the device has been reduced from the original 143g, reaching 141g. The change of the material is working.

"AQUOS zero2" is equipped with a large display of 6.4 inches, similar to the iPhone 11 Pro Max (6.5 inches), but still the lightest feature is 141g. For example, the 4.8-inch “iPhone 8” with a small screen size weighs 148 g, and the “AQUOS zero2” has a much larger screen, but it is light.

One of the points of appeal is the highest-class body specs. The display is an organic EL produced in Osaka and Mie, and is driven at 120Hz. In addition, by inserting black at every frame, 240Hz update is realized, and the afterimage feeling in gaming is reduced.

In addition, by changing the touch panel scan speed to 240 Hz to match the screen display, the response from touch to screen response is improved by 80% compared to the previous model. Rhythm games can also be played comfortably.

Focus on heat dissipation design, which is important during game play. By installing two charging ICs, it is said that fever can be suppressed even during game play while charging. The battery capacity is 3130mAh.

The processor uses Qualcomm's finest Snapdragon 855. RAM is 8GB and storage is 256GB. OS is also equipped with Google's latest Android 10.

The predecessor "AQUOS zero“The AQUOS zero2” was a lighter item with a larger screen, but the unusually light weight of 6.2 inches and a weight of 146g became a hot topic. According to Sharp, it is the world's lightest smartphone with a screen size of 6 inches or more and a battery of 3000mAh or more.

"AQUOS zero2" is handled by three companies: DOCOMO, au, and Softbank.

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