Lightweight and powerful! Electric skateboard that can be easily operated with a remote control

A skateboard that allows you to run on land as if you were riding a wave. It is very attractive that you can enjoy a refreshing feeling different from jogging.

This time,A lightweight and compact skateboard "H2J electric skateboard" that you can easily enjoy exhilarating feeling with remote controlI will introduce.

*This product cannot be used on public roads. Please use it in a place where the use of skateboard is permitted or in a private land.

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Easy skateboarding experience for anyone

The operation of the skateboard is more complicated than I expected, and since I have to constantly keep kicking the ground and use my physical strength, it is very difficult for beginners to get out of their hands.

However! This "H2J electric skateboard" is a skateboard that can be operated by remote control like a radio control. Even beginners can enjoy the skateboard feeling!

Easy skateboarding experience for anyone

Operate using the remote control

"H2J electric skateboard" can be operated by accelerator, brake, reversal, etc. using the remote controller at hand. Even those who are not confident in techniques such as moving the center of gravity can ride freely.

Operate using the remote control

Assisting forward with powerful power

Ordinary skateboards consume more physical energy than you think because you need to use your feet to kick the ground often. However, if it is "H2J electric skateboard"Support you with a 350W power motorVery comfortable because it will do!

Assisting forward with powerful power

It's compact so you can take it anywhere

The size of "H2J electric skateboard"Design that is one size smaller than general skateboardTo If you feel this size, you can put it in your bag and carry it around.

When you arrive at the skateboard open space, let's enjoy skateboarding while paying attention to safety!

It's compact so you can take it anywhere

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If you want to enjoy skateboarding from now on, the skateboard "H2J Electric Skateboard", which is perfect for you, is on pre-sale at Makuake until September 29th.

If you are interested in electric skateboards, please check it out!

Click here for details on H2J Electric Skateboard →Compact and lightweight! A fun electric skateboard. Easy operation with remote control! New sense mobility

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