Lightweight with dry carbon 徹底 Thorough tuned circuit specification S20 type 2000GT-R 2

At present, the front fender, door, bonnet, fender mirror, and headlight of the body exterior are replaced with dry carbon-made light covers and trunks are made of FRP. The interior is lighter by removing the passenger and rear seats. In addition, a 4-point roll bar and side bars, which are indispensable for circuit driving, are installed to improve safety and body rigidity.

As for the undercarriage, a separate tank-type harmonic drive made by Aragosta is attached to the front and rear, and the front arms are made of chromoly steel pipe and pillow ball. Also, the caster angle can be changed by using the upper mount and roll center adapter. The rear genuine arm is a pillow ball so that the camber angle can be adjusted, and a works-type stabilizer is installed. In addition, the front and rear hubs are diverted from the S14 genuine, realizing a significant increase in rigidity.

Under the ducted bonnet made of dry carbon, there is an S20 engine that has been fully tuned by R Factory. The appearance is plain because there is no genuine color head cover or fancy decoration, but the contents are specifications that can be said to be the latest specifications.

The backskin steering wheel is equipped with quick release and electric power steering is already installed. There are also two fire extinguishers on the passenger side.

The tachometer is made by Elliott. A shift timing light is provided in the center and lights up at 8000 rpm.

Mission changed to NISMO 6-speed MT. The shift knob is made of urethane and the lever is shortened.

The console is equipped with a Defi oil pressure, oil temperature and water temperature gauge, and a fuel pressure gauge is installed under the console. Equipped with HKS AFK that measures air-fuel efficiency.

It looks like a genuine door because of the lining, but it can be seen that it is made of dry carbon because the carbon surface is left behind when the door is opened. In addition, all windows except the front are replaced with acrylic, reducing the weight.

Nostalgic SPEED vol.002 November 2013 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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