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Lilienthal Berlin The L1 Two award-winning wristwatches



Received two "IF Design Awards" and "IDEA Awards" among the three major design awards in the world!

Cities from Berlin Watches Lilienthal Berlin The L1

Lilienthal Berlin The L1

  • Design in Berlin, a watch designed in "Berlin" that is attracting attention in "the most interesting city now"

  • Minimanism x Berlin

  • Excellent quality of MADE IN GERMANY

  • Global Design Award Total Name

Lilienthal Berlin Liliental BerlinIs trustworthyGerman watch brandsis.

The choice of a German clock, which watch lovers arrive at

Clock springIs around 1500GermanInvented by With the invention of the mainspring, the timepiece can be miniaturized into a wristwatch. Also North GermanyReformationOf the CalvinistsGerman watchmakerFled persecution and fled to Switzerland. That craftsmanshipWithin SwitzerlandIt was inherited by.

Germany, a major manufacturing powerhouse, has established a Meister system, and has created several luxury watches such as Junghans A. Lange & Söhne Jin Mont Blanc Zeppelin. It is a watch unique to Germany brought about by the long history of Germany and the reliability of precision instruments.

The Lilienthal Berlin watch boasts the high performance made in Germany. However, there are some major differences from those watches. It is a brand that symbolizes the freedom and innovative city of Berlin, rather than the classic design that emphasizes traditional tradition.

Design in Berlin Made in Germany

The Lilienthal Berlin is a watch made by solid Germany inspired by the fascinating and avant-garde city of Berlin. Lilienthal Berlin-Lilienthal Berlin is a watch that combines minimalism and advanced design.

It is a watch that has won a number of world-renowned product design awards including the European Product Design Award.

Enchanted city”BerlinThe watch brand that originated from


-Now I often hear that Berlin is "the most interesting in the world"-

Berlin, a unique and interesting city

Berlin ist nicht Deutschland. (Berlin is not Germany)

As the word says,It has a unique atmosphere compared to other German towns.The cityscapeEast district that was formerly East GermanyIn the meantime, while there are old and heavy public buildings such as the Opera,West district which was former West GermanyHas a sophisticated urban feel. Berlin has a mixture of historic buildings and modern buildings,Energetic charmOverflowing.

Free-spirited Berliner

When you hear that you are a German, you think of a national character that is solid and values ​​discipline. However, the people living in Berlin who have been tossed by history areFreedomIt is.

Due to the historical background, the Berliners said, "The wall is gone and we are free!"Berlin, the city of freedomHave a temperament. Despite the German capitalThere are really few people wearing suits.

"Throwing stones in Berlin is an artist"

So much thatArtistIt is a town with many.There are galleries throughout the town.

International Berlin

You can hear not only German, but English, Turkish, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and many other languages. This is because Europe is by far the most internationally and economically rich Germany.

Design theme for such a city called BerlinWatch

that isLilienthal Berlin-Lilienthal BerlinIt is.

It is a design that combines German minimanism and advanced design. A watch with a unique but minimalist design that matches both business and everyday wear.

Lilienthal Berlin-Lilienthal Berlin asks "What is your standerd?" in all advertisements and promotional videos. The city of people full of individuality That's a unique question.


Lilienthal Berlin Commitment

German-made quality MADE IN GERMANY QUALITY


Lilienthal Berlin-All Lilienthal Berlin watches are made in Germany. Also, everything from assembly to inspection is done in Germany.

German quality is supported by world-renowned craftsmen, including cars, excellent Bauhaus design, and beer.Lilienthal Berlin maintains the German quality by many craftsmen.

Dial production The dail making factory in Germany

The dial craftsmen are made at the Schätzle & Cie factory in "Black Forest" THE BLACK FOREST, 800 km south of Berlin. It's a peaceful little factory, but it's a German factory with the latest technology.

State-of-the-art computer controlled cutting tools are used to create the finest detail on the dial. This dial is the quality that skilled craftsmen who operate high-tech machines, painters and printers work together.

Strap production: The strap factory in Germany

There are many factories manufacturing leather products in Germany,Lilienthal BerlinThere are only a limited number of factories that manufacture the quality required by. Three carefully selected partners (Graf, Marburger, and Di-Modell) will be the factories.

Many meticulous manufacturing processes require the traditional skills of skilled craftsmen. Also, some steps are made by special specialized machines.Lilienthal BerlinThe straps feature simplicity and delicacy. It takes a lot of effort and expertise to keep its beauty. For the first time, we have 3 manufacturing partners where technical experts gatherIn Lilienthal BerlinIt is now possible to meet special aspirations and needs.

The watch assembel factory in Germany

Pforzheim Pforzheim is known worldwide as the "city of jewelery and watchmaking." At Ermano in Pforzheim, we have assembled a highly accurate watch that has undergone a strict quality check by skilled craftsmen. The careful eyes of the specialist do not miss the tiny dust, scratches, and so on. The individual components are hand-assembled with great care. Their assemblers consider work as an art. We regard the finest art of precision engineering as art that requires infinite patience as well as stable technology.

Bundesverband Schmuck + Uhren (German Association of Jewelery, Watches, Silverware and Related Industries) has been tested and met in every respect.

Features of Lilienthal Berlin The L1

Lilienthal Berlin Lilienthal Berlin watches feature a simple style, with the crown crowning the watch itself.

The crown may not be used frequently, especially in quartz watches. It is a German rationalistic minimalistic design.

  • The main feature of The L1 is thinness. Ronda Swiss parts movement: Ultra slim thickness of only 7.5mm.

  • Superluminova is used for the hands, numbers, and logo, and the luminescence indicates the time in the dark.

  • Each type size can be used with 2 types 37.5 mm and 42.5 mm pair.

  • There are three types of straps: stainless metal and leather belt cork belt.

  1. The length of the stainless steel mesh belt can be adjusted by yourself.

  2. The leather belt is dyed based on plant tannins and is friendly to the environment and people. It is a dye that does not easily cause allergies.

  3. Both types use removable pins for easy belt replacement.

The L1

Lilienthal Berlin-Lilienthal We carefully selected 4 types from The L1 series, which is one of the most popular in Berlin. Both are top selling items in their home country of Germany.

We have prepared four types: ALL BULE, ALL BLACK, ALL SILVER, and FIRE. Various 2 sizes


Stainless steel with IP dark blue processing case and mesh strap 37.5mm and 42.5mm 2 sizes

The most popular combination in Europe and America.

Blue is both the color of the sky and the color of the sea, full of life and energy and vibrant, but at the same time relaxing. Please carry all this in a beautiful blue sunburst dial "L1" capsule in a matte blue case.


Stainless steel with IP black processing case and high-grade black leather strap 37.5mm and 42.5mm 2 sizes

The blue stitches on the second hand and the blue stitches on the black belt set it apart from an adult watch. Black is also the most versatile color that suits any occasion.

It is a popular combination as a standard item in Europe and America.


Stainless steel with IP silver processing case and mesh strap 2 sizes of 37.5 mm and 42.5 mm

The black dial hidden in matte silver makes you feel intelligent. It is called Berliner silver and is popular with a wide range of people.


Stainless steel with IP black processing case and cork strap 37.5mm and 42.5mm 2 sizes

There are many types of L1. There are many straps. Above all, ALL Blue ALL Black ALL Silver is extremely popular.

Next most popular is the watch head called "FIRE" and a cork strap.


A clock with the "beat of a big city"

Lilienthal Berlin-Lilienthal Berlin combines outstanding design, the Berlin lifestyle and'Made in Germany' quality in one watch.

Bring the "beat of time in a big city" to your arm.

Scheduled delivery time: Delivery will begin in October 2020 and will be completed by the end of November 2020 *Shipping is limited to Japan.

Thoughts of the performer

As a regular import agency of Lilienthal Berlin-Lilienthal Berlin, Montreloroy Co., Ltd. delivers products to supporters.You

It was my first time to try a project at GREEN FUNDING.

Our company has been involved in watchmaking for many years since it was established as an OEM/original watchmaking division of Muramatsu Watchmaking Co., Ltd., an early Japanese watchmaker with a history of more than 120 years.

Although it is a small scale, we have opened stores not only in Japan but also in exhibitions in Asia, America, England and Germany. Thankfully, it has been adopted by the Printemps department store in France and the MoMa Museum of Modern Art Museum Shop. I regularly check watches around the world, and have been looking for opportunities to import European watches, which are the home of watches. We are proud that we have searched with strict eyes as the same watch manufacturer. And reliable German brand this yearLilienthal Berlin-Lilienthal BerlinI met. This was our second exclusive sales contract.

From a reliable German brandLilienthal Berlin-Lilienthal BerlinWas introduced, and an exclusive sales contract was signed to become an authorized agent. Three world-famous design awards"reddot Design Award"-"IF Design Award"-"IDEA Award"We pride ourselves on handling the brands that have acquired. Among them, The L1 this time"IF Design Award" and "IDEA Award"We have participated in a project to make more people aware of this wonderful watch with many awards. Thank you for your cooperation.

Risk & Challenge

*We cannot accept returns or refunds on the exterior.
*Design and specifications may change partially.
*The color of the leather belt, watch dial and watch case may look different from the actual one due to the effect of lighting. Please be aware.
*If the number of support is greater than expected, the shipping time may be delayed due to reasons such as the manufacturing process.
* Due to the impact of new infectious diseases, transportation may be affected worldwide, and depending on the impact, shipping may be delayed.
*If we can support mass production more than expected through this project, and if we can improve the mass production system from the current environment, the regular selling price may be lower than the planned selling price.
*Parallel imports may occur. Please note that it may not be possible to prevent this depending on individual imports and sales channels.

Due to the nature of crowdfunding, we kindly ask for your understanding and understanding in advance of the points above, and we ask for your continued support.

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