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Limited 3 kinds ♡ Destined Brown "Maquillage Dramatic Styling Eyes" with sweet decoration on your eyes!

Cute and delicious!? A limited number of decorated color palettes like sweets!

Makiage's popular eye shadow, familiar with "Fate of Brown" that makes your eyes look big naturally"Makiage dramatic styling eyes"In limited quantity, 3 limited sweet color palettes are available! By applying a sweet, transparent accent color like the sweets on the upper right of the palette to the lower eyelids, the innocent and seasonal eyes are completed. I immediately tried such a limited edition deco color palette!

Three types of limited-edition deco color palettes have appeared in Maquillage's "Fate of Brown"

Shiseido Co., Ltd.A new limited-edition eye shadow palette is now available from Makiage, the make-up brand of the brand.

"Makiage Dramatic Styling Eyes" (Limited 3 types, 4g, reference retail price excluding tax 2,800 yen, released on August 21, 2020 * Limited quantity)Adds a sweet accent color like sweets to the brown and beige color that blends in with your eyes. A deco color palette with a set of 5 colors and 5 textured eye colors.

The point is the "translucent accent color" in the upper right of the palette. By adding it to the lower eyelid, you can create a smart but inviting seasonal eye area.

There are 3 color variations. They are named "BR601 Blueberry Donuts," "BE302 Cranberry Cupcakes," and "BR703 Pumpkin Chocolate Cosmoa," respectively, and the features are that they make your eyes look like sweet decorations.

The accent color is transparent! For adult cute eyes with a casual sweetness

This time, try "BE302 Cranberry Cupcake"!

Upper left ① is the foundation of the eyes. From the lower left, ②③④ is a gradation color. The upper right ⑤ is a transparent accent color.

First, by brushing ① with the brush over the entire upper eyelid and under the eyes or in the tear bag, it is said to have the effect of brightening dullness and dark circles, enhancing the coloring of overlapping colors and enhancing makeup retention.

Next, take ② as a thick tip and apply it slightly wider than the eye hole. The color is beige, which is familiar to the skin.

Next, take ③ on a chip of medium thickness and overlap it with half of the eye hole or as a guide and blur. This is a camel-like color.

Next, take ④ as a thin tip and draw a little longer from the edge of the eye to the corner of the eye. The color is brown and the color is tight.

A beautiful beige to brown gradation that blends in with the color of your eyes is complete!

This time, it was finished in order from ② to give a slightly bitter impression, but if you repeat from ④ in reverse order, it will be a sweet impression. Even with the same color combination, it is fun to get different impressions depending on the order of stacking!

Finally, apply ⑤ to a thin tip and apply it to the lower eyelid using the width of the tip as a guide. Lightly blur the boundary with your skin and you're done!

The bright but transparent pink color adds a clear color to the lower eyelid, creating a slightly sweeter look. Color make-up that doesn't claim too much, so it's perfect for adult women. In addition, you can enjoy a more casual color make-up by putting pink only on the eyelid side 1/3 of the lower eyelid.

"Maquillage Dramatic Styling Eyes" is a limited-edition color that creates a naturally large and sweetly attractive eye area with brown and bright transparent accent colors that blend in with the color of your eyes. Recommended for those who want to enjoy their subtle color makeup while making their eyes look big, those who want to produce adult cute eyes, and those who want to create stylish and eye-catching eyes!

You can purchase from online shops, drug stores, department stores, etc. The number is limited, so if you are interested please check it out early.

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