Limited collaboration model of fashion brand "SNIDEL" and Casio "BABY-G"

Mash Style Lab's ladies brand "SNIDEL" and Casio women's impact watch "BABY-G" collaborate. From April 9, SNIDEL official online store [12:00 on April 9], some stores of SNIDEL, USAGI ONLINE will be sold in limited quantity. The price is 15,000 yen [excluding tax].

  • "SNIDEL feat. BABY-G" BA-110

    "SNIDEL feat. BABY-G" BA-110

This limited edition model was sold out in advance at the SNIDEL official online store. The base model "BA-110" has gained high popularity as a big case series.

The BA-110 is transformed into a more feminine design, and the pink beige body and lime color add to the era and season. In the center of the character version, the W name of SNIDEL and BABY-G are treated, creating a special feeling unique to the limited model.

  • "SNIDEL feat. BABY-G" BA-110
  • "SNIDEL feat. BABY-G" BA-110

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