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Limited release of unique color "SHISEIDO nail enamel pico" expressing Tokyo 24 hours

Nine colors representing the day in Tokyo

Popular mini size cosmetics"SHISEIDO Pico"Will be releasing limited edition nails in new colors inspired on the 1st of Tokyo, showing various expressions. Attractive naming and unique colors that are time and scene conscious. Which color are you attracted to! ?

The theme of this year is“Tokyo 24h”! Nail colors of all nine colors that image the changing day of Tokyo!

Shiseido Co., Ltd.'s popular mini-size cosmetics "SHISEIDO Pico". In recent years, mini-sized makeup items have developed various colors and textures in the trend. The first version released in 2018 expresses "Japanese confectionery", and the second version in 2019 will release a color expressing "marriage". Because of the affordable price, SNS and other topics have become a hot topic, and stores that sell out early have continued.

The third concept is“Tokyo 24h”. Tokyo that will shine even further toward the world in 2020. I focused on one day in Tokyo, where conflicting things merged, and there was always fluidity and dynamism, showing various expressions in the morning, day, and night."SHISEIDO Nail Enamel Pico (Limited quantity)" (9 colors, 4ml, MSRP excl. Tax ¥ 1,000, Released on March 1, 2020 * Limited quantity)Is a nail color that expresses the changing light and landscape of Tokyo from morning to night.

Creating a “cute and cool” color that matches the tastes of young people, reflecting the “impressive appearance”, “nuance colors that can be used in various ways”, and “transparent finish” in the trends of spring and summer 2020.

They are divided into three groups, morning, noon, and night, and are also divided by cap color. The color that seems to be transmitted to light, landscape, fragrance and temperature that changes over time is also interesting. Let's check each color and naming immediately.

The three colors that color Tokyo morning are soft and fresh

Three colors that express Tokyo's morning with a glittering nuance and a fresh morning.

・ 01 6:11 Dawn rainbow

・ 02 8:50 Imperial Palace Run

・ 03 11:40 Hikoki Cloud

MORNING has a soft pastel color.

Let's paint "6:11 Dawn Rainbow".

Aurora pearl is included, transparent cute color. Two coats are recommended.

The color that colors Tokyo's daytime is vivid

Three colors that express the daytime in Tokyo where vivid and bright colors are impressive.

・ 04 13:30 Cold tile

・ 05 15:00 3 o'clock net cafe

・ 06 17:36 Amber Latte

17:36 I'll paint amber latte from here.

Terracotta color with good transparency and radiant skin familiarity. Impression that color is brighter when painted than it looks. When you paint it, it is a color that makes you want to say "cute!"

Tokyo nights are a bit mature and cool

At night in Tokyo, colors with sharp edges form a line.

・ 07 19:13 Under the cherry blossoms at night

・ 08 21:15 In the famous paintings at night

・ 09 23:57 Ginza Neon

23:57 Let's paint Ginza neon from this.

Plenty of pink and silver glitter. It is a deep black-purple color with transparency, and the color changes brilliantly when light enters. There is beauty that is not pure black and gives an adult cute impression.

Make a difference with cute cool colors!

Shake the container well when applying. With just one coat, you can also enjoy the vivid color development as you see it. If you want to make the color more beautiful, double coating is recommended. It has an easy-to-coat texture and quick drying.

It emits glossy luster and shine, and a beautiful finish lasts a long time.

A color that makes you think about what time to do. It is interesting to choose from naming. In addition to using a single color, you can create even more unique fingertips by combining colors.

Available in limited quantities at about 290 stores, mainly department stores nationwide, SHISEIDO official website, and Shiseido's comprehensive beauty website "Watashi Plus".

Enjoy the time in Tokyo of 2020 in color.

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