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Lincoln discontinue brand first EV plan. Delayed production of base model of Rivian due to new Corona effect-Engadget Japan version


In November 2019, it was reported that Lincoln, a long-established luxury car brand in the United States, is developing an electric SUV based on the car of emerging EV maker Rivian, and announced earlier this year that it will be approved. However, Lincoln announced that the "current situation", that is, the spread of the new coronavirus, has stopped the electric SUV program.

Lincoln announced in January this year that it will launch an electric SUV in 2022. However, Rivian's Illinois factory, which was planning to launch electric pickup trucks and SUVs based on its base "skateboard" platform later this year, has been unprepared due to the spread of the new coronavirus. . Rivian recently announced that it would postpone the launch of its electric vehicle in the second half of 2020 until 2021.

Lincoln's parent company, Ford, is currently developing an electric SUV bearing the Mustang name for sports cars and an electrified version of the F-150 pickup truck. It seems that Lincoln has the option of giving up the Rivian platform and switching to Ford's EV as a base, but with this announcement, even if the current electric SUV plan is canceled, strategic development in EV development with Rivian "We will continue to work with Rivian to develop alternative vehicles based on the" skateboard "platform, without impacting our partnership," he emphasized to adopt.

By the way, Ford against Rivian in 2019, even before the release of the aforementioned self-developed EVInvested about 500 million dollarsI am. This is a "strategic partnership" to produce a "brand new" electric car with a Ford badge in the future, including sending Ford Automotive president Joe Hinrichs to Rivian's board of directors. I'm deepening. But Mr. Hillins left Ford this month.Has been reported.

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