LINE Pay supports bank transfer, fee is 176 yen once–no need to know account number

LINE Pay announced on December 9 that it will start a service that will allow you to transfer your "LINE Pay balance" to your corporate / individual bank account. This is the first domestic payment service provider to transfer money to another person's account. Support from Android, iOS will be implemented soon. In addition, the "LINE Pay app" specialized for payment can be used for both iOS and Android.


This function adds “transfer to account” in addition to remittance between LINE accounts. In addition to the other party's account number, you can also transfer money via SMS or email without knowing the number. The fee is 176 yen once, and the upper limit is 100,000 yen a day. It can be transferred 24 hours a day, but depending on the time of day, it will be paid in the next day.

Also, it is possible to transfer money to a corporate account. It is said that it can be used for various purposes such as monthly tuition for learning, product purchase fees, examination fees, and rent. In addition, the remittance and remittance request history is recorded up to the last 20 cases, and it is possible to omit the trouble of inputting information when making regular transfers to the same party.

As a safety measure, in the case of notification by phone number or e-mail, only the user with the account name registered by the sender can receive it, and even if the number or address is wrong, it is not misused. In order to transfer or transfer money, you will need to enter a special password [6 digits] separately from the smartphone or LINE password.

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