LINE to make all contracts "electronic contracts" from May–Abolished stamping business

LINE announced on April 30 that, in line with the spread of new coronavirus infection and the prolonged response, all contracts of group companies that have been imprinting business since May 1 will introduce electronic contracts in principle [ Excludes contracts that are required to be written by law and certain contracts specified by the company].

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, the company group set up an in-house countermeasures headquarters at the end of January to take appropriate measures such as introducing flextime work to all domestic employees and recommending work from home. Explained that it has been carried out.

Among them, even in the current situation where it is necessary to refrain from going out unnecessary and urgently, we will change the situation where we have to come to work for contract work and imprinting so that we can respond smoothly even at home. Starting from the 1st day, all contracts can be concluded electronically.

In order to improve business efficiency, the company revised the internal regulations in November 2019 to make it possible to use electronic contracts in contract signing work that requires bookbinding of contracts and shipping by mail. He said he was preparing for the introduction of the electronic contract. From the end of February 2020, we will further introduce and accelerate the response so that we can work from home. Some of the contracts have been transferred from paper to electronic since April 13.

According to the company, we are asking our business partners to conclude an electronic contract for the introduction from May 1.

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