Liner 'switch' Kageura defeats Tokyo Olympics

Judo Grand Slam [GS] Paris Tournament Men's 100km class 3rd round, lost to Kageura Shin [Kokoro, 24 = Japan Central Racecourse], "Absolute Champion" Teddy Linner [30 = France] by 10th , Updated his Twitter and other SNS, and communicated his determination for the Tokyo Olympics.

I conveyed my appreciation to the fans who supported me in my home country with a video of about 1 minute and vowed to take the strongest determination to the Olympics for 3 consecutive victories, such as “ I will switch my mind and work hard for the Tokyo Olympics '' . The scene of entering the venue while being surrounded by a large number of fans was also filmed.

Linaire has also topped France's "Most Influential Athletes" list. Since the fall of 2010, he has won 154 consecutive international tournaments until he lost to Kageura in this tournament, and was undefeated for about 10 years. With a tough body of 203 cm and 150 kg, the French Requip newspaper in April Fools on April 1st last year reported that "Retired Jinu Jin. Turn to Rugby." After the Tokyo Olympics, the 2012 Paris Olympics have been positioned as the culmination of the sport's life, with the goal of achieving four consecutive Olympics, surpassing Tadahiro Nomura, 45, who has won three consecutive men's 60-kilometer Olympics.

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