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"Lipovitan D asteroid explorer" Hayabusa2 "support limited bottle" is released in limited quantity in hope of the success of Hayabusa2 mission started in November 1942

Taisho Pharmaceutical launches “Lipovitan D Asteroid Explorer Hayabusa2 Limited Bottle” on its mail-order website “Taisho Pharmaceutical Direct []” on February 14 did.

■ Released for the success of the mission starting this November

"Lipovitan D asteroid explorer Hayabusa2" is a mission to return the capsule containing the substance of the asteroid "Ryugu" to the earth between November and December 2020. Limited bottles released in the hope of success.

The label design of the limited bottle is a total of five, including four types depicting the turning point of the asteroid explorer "Hayabusa 2", and one type of design of the first unit "Hayabusa" that achieved a world feat by overcoming numerous difficulties Seeds.

The company has also launched a project called “Lipo D SPACE PROJECT” to support those who strive for space development. The launch of "Lipovitan D asteroid explorer Hayabusa2 limited bottles" will also be part of this activity.

■ Product Overview
Purchase method: Taisho Pharmaceutical Direct [February 14, 2020-Orders start at 1:30 pm] Telephone: Toll-free number: 0120-81-8428 [reception hours / 9: 00 am to 8:00 pm] Fax: Toll-free number: 0120-28-3748


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