Liquid zero! Pretending to drink and drinking solid-only tapioca "Almond Tofu Boba" / Tokyo Gakugei University "BOBA TOKYO"

"Tapioca drinks" that make you feel bored. The line of tapioca shops that I saw everywhere in the city has disappeared. Will tapioca drinks be forgotten by people as they are?

I thought, tapioca drinks that remain in my memory …I found a thing that I do not know whether it can be called a drinkhave done. I want to introduce it right away!

・ Solids only

A tapioca drink shop “BOBA TOKYO” located in a shopping district, about a 3-minute walk from Gakugei University Station in Tokyo.

Looking at the menu, it seems that there are various kinds of tapioca drinks such as milk tea of ​​matcha and iron Kannon tea, mango and passion fruit, apricot tofu and pudding.

When trying to order the most popular "Almond Jelly Tofu Loba [800 yen including tax]"The store waited for me.

"Is it OK for L size? It's a solid only with zero liquid."

I guess it's a popular apricot tofu drink,It is made up of Gachi apricot tofu and tapioca onlyThat. Is it really a drink … but when I hear that, I have no choice but to ask!

At first glance, "Almond Jelly Tofu Boba L Size", which came immediately after ordering, is a normal tapioca drink. Compared to the neighboring "Matcha Boba milk tea L size [700 yen including tax]", there is no particular discomfort.

But if you look closely …It ’s really solid!Tapioca and apricot tofu are not mixed, and apricot tofu is on top of tapioca. And when you hold it in your handI feel heavy and heavy …

The most important point is the softness that moderately sweet apricot tofu can be easily sucked up with a straw. The difference in texture from the sticky tapioca is the best. So that's it,Almond jelly tofu tapioca, which can be enjoyed as a drink, is quite good!

I thought … but by the time I finished eatingI was full enough to feel a little bit of pain. It's no wonder that the clerk pushed M size over L size. There may have been more than one meal volume with just one large cup.

・ Evolution of apricot tofu tapioca

There are many drinks with an apricot tofu flavor that have a selling phrase such as "Drinking apricot tofu", but tapioca was added to "Drinking apricot tofu" and apricot tofu of genuine GachiButto which can be called "drink-like apricot tofu"Met for the first time in this "BOBA TOKYO".

If you want to be full with apricot tofu and tapioca, please try it.

・ Information on stores visited this time

Store nameBOBA TOKYO
Street address33-14-6 Takaban, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
business hours12: 00〜23: 00

Report:Date Ayaka

Photo: RocketNews24.
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