Listed companies, apparel signs of improvement in EC sales,stores resumption in improvement in the severe management environment to continue

New Corona infection with the expansion of so 2 in late from going out voluntarily request and 4 months of emergency Declaration issued to accompany the leave of absence requested by many industries, the business environment has deteriorated. 6 months later the new Corona-related bankruptcy is gaining momentum, particularly in inbound demand, loss of Tourism, and go out voluntarily by customers lost in the restaurant business ailments stand out.

The apparel industry is also going out voluntarily by customers decreases or the Department store is closed as retail or wholesale, manufacturing or a great loss suffered. 5 On is a leading apparel company of Canada is the bankruptcy of The 連鎖倒産 also feared it.

17, The Empire data Bank if an emergency Declaration was lifted after 6 month in the listed companies for the apparel industry, the current status of the research and analysis report published. The investigation was the subject of apparel, mainly clothing sale out of listed companies, such as the home page in the monthly sales figures published by the 24 company.

According to reports,the aggregation was the subject of 24 companies out of the 2020 year and 6 months of monthly sales of all stores based in the same month last year was below of 15 companies in the entire 62. Accounting for 5%, and conversely the same month last year exceeded that of the 9 companies in the whole of 37. 5% and last year the level of recovery of new companies the majority of seems.

However, the EC Sells company continued to maintain and many companies declared after the termination of the traditional brick-and-mortar store sales have resumed to about 4 percent year-on-year surpassing results. In the emergency Declaration and continued to maintain for the ions chain and one of the most,or read from,the Cox, the year-on-year 20%more than results out.

Brick-and-mortar store sales resume for the same month of the previous year’s level did not return for 15 companies have increased less than the reduction in width is 5 months as compared to the shrinking and the improving trend is seen. 6 months of yoy decrease in width, and 50%declined by more than corporate does not exist, and more than 30% less than 40% decrease of the 2 companies have. More than 20%, less than 30% is zero,most are less than 10% of the 8 companies in the whole of 53. 3%and accounted for more than half that.

As a whole visitors number of improvements in both consumer sentiment well enough to come back to the situation, many are still level of the previous year is not recovered. Monthly sales of the recovery are signs of a severe business environment has continued to the current status of seems. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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