Listen to the creation of beautiful cars and the revival of the historic Carrozzeria

Piero Mancardi, CEO of Turing Super Reggera. He spoke to him about the creation of a beautiful car and the revival of the historic Carrozzeria.

It was when I talked about the Alpha Millemilia Spider. As if it were a child celebrating Christmas, “Yes, that's right”, Piero Mancardi smiled and smiled, and the expression literally brightened. "That is an incredible car!"

“I am very graceful,” I answered. “And every detail is carefully crafted. It ’s like a jewel.” Such a topic will bring me up. And then we talked about the Alpha 2900B Mille Miglia, the masterpiece of the Turing before the war. It was only after a long time that Mancardi joined hands and returned to talking about their business.

"As you know, Turing's Magic Cocktail is beautifully designed, but always has a high quality. The 2900 Mille Miglia is a racing car, so it may break in the first race. There's no gap anywhere, they just didn't want to send a pure, non-perfect car out of the factory. "
His words sound like corporate management policies and personal beliefs. Piero Mancardi has spent most of his career as a huge Fiat management and has instilled a clear corporate philosophy as the boss of Turing Superleggera for three years. Disco Volante has not only noble beauty, but also functionality, practicality, and high quality. When I gave up, the clown embarked again.

“We are in a position to add value. First we have to respect the standards of automakers. There is no point in damaging the quality of the original car. We have no choice but to win. ''

“The reason customers are interested in our bespoke cars is because they are unique and different, and they can participate in the car's manufacturing process. It ’s remembered with a model that does n’t exist. ”
Touring also has a thriving restore department, where it also takes care of classic cars other than the Turing body. The Ferrari Superfast Prototype that actually won the class winner at this year's Villa d'Este was made by Pininfarina, but it was a restored car. The design team is also working with several universities on alternative fuel vehicle development plans.

“There must be at least 10 workable projects,” Clown explained. “Before you actually pick and proceed. The idea of ​​Disco Volante was born that way. We have sent out four models so far, so there are about 40 more on the warehouse shelf. The plan is waiting for the right time.
So I asked as casually as possible. “Can you tell me one of them?” His smile shone again, but his lips did not speak.
I'm still looking forward to it.

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