Lithium-ion batteries overcome the weakness of the secondary battery, development of TUS

EV center demand growth on the other hand, the inflammation such as the safety concerns of lithium-ion battery. All-solid-state batteries and lithium-sulfur batteries such as next-generation secondary batteries is an urgent need for the development of that, the lithium-ion batteries to overcome weaknesses or potassium-ion battery of research and review papers,the leading expert of Tokyo at Komaba, Shinichi, Professor, submitted by.

【Here】Lithium-ion batteries to solve the problem is? Next generation batteries and the latest Power IC also noted

■Lithium-ion battery weakness

Lithium-ion battery, charge・discharge possible, the secondary battery is used as the. Yoshino Akira in 2019 won the Nobel Prize in chemistry in any of the conventional Nickel・Cadmium batteries and Nickel・hydrogen batteries than the long life, lightweight, high energy density, has the advantage of having. It for your smartphone or laptop,renewable energy, effective use of the stationary storage battery and also used.

On the other hand,lithium-ion battery is 2 some of the problems. 1 is a resource issue. Materials and lithium resources in North and South American continents and Australia, such as China to focus on Japan for the material procurement to rely on imports. But in the world lithium demand is rapidly increasing,prices are also soaring. Or material 1 in rare metal[rare metal]of the cobalt in Japan Self-Sufficiency is not possible.

Another 1 of the safety problem. Lithium-ion battery constituting the electrolytic solution due to heat volatile and is applied quickly,the impact and deterioration by likely to break.

■Lithium alternative to material

Komaba Professor in 2009 in the development of lithium instead of sodium for sodium-ion batteries. Toxic elements and rare elements, without resorting to the sodium and iron, manganese, such as the amount of resources rich, toxic elements and rare elements do not rely on secondary batteries in the development of a successful.

Further improvements of these, potassium-ion batteries. The crust of 2. 6% of the resources of the rich potassium, the atomic weight the smaller the electric capacity is large, and the battery material as unsuitable have been thought.

But this time, the lithium-ion battery with the same voltage indicating new battery to the development of successful and. Potassium-ion battery is a fire risk, even small, inexpensive amount of resources, abundant raw material to be used, such as next-generation batteries as expected.

Research by a group of potassium-ion battery review papers for a U.S. Chemical magazine Chemical Reviews in 15 days listed. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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