Local companies training of responsible shareholders”community”system of expectations and doubts

Japan Securities Dealers Association is 11 months 27 days,”shareholders of the community Trade amount is 20 million yen for the first time entitled”news release delivery.

Shareholders community system 2015 5 Months 29 days established[8 month 28 days,handling the start]it. “Rooted in the community non-listed companies[local companies]buying and selling of stocks over the local companies that foster the development of the financing to help”, and its purpose.

Currently, 日証協 from the designated 6 of the company management members[brokerage firms]by a total of 20 companies[brand name]is being handled. The cumulative sell amount is 16 years 2 Months 1 billion,17 years 10 months 10 billion, exceeding the 11 month 27 date [start about 4 and a half years] for 20 billion yen exceeded[20 billion 1277 million yen].

日証協 is”steadily increasing”to that. That judgment to the view of many would be”local economic contribution”means obediently want to evaluate.

How to buy the main shaft of the”Manager of the company・employees””partner companies”and that. Where, local companies trading in the form of”risk management”provides the fact that the regional economy vitalization of help from you.

But the existing listed on the stock exchange is not stocks or more, the risk some of these factors are also accompanied.

*Handling brokerage transactions to those interested companies to provide information. For a company that many of the Securities report to be publicly absent from being a Certified Public Accountant, etc. of the accounting auditor has not received many cases.

*Trading is handling the brokerage of over-the-counter limited to.

*”Ultra-scarce strain”aspect is strong. Sell when you want・want to buy time from right to left and is based on.

As a result, this may or may be not.

19 years 9 Months 1 days trading on the target stocks was a plus・technology[Ibaraki headquarters of various plastic materials manufacturing, sales, and business] and companies amended the articles of incorporation[issuance of shares from dud to the row]will have announced that. To be realistic and think, if the announcement did not grasp the investor is over-the-counter in the sale impossible. You 相対売買. Their purchase looking for from you.

Currently, the Imamura Securities・Island large brokerage・Oyama-day Note rounded Securities・Mizuho Securities・from securities and 7 on management of securities, and for Nomura Securities [handling performance] of the operation member.

But Securities officials in the interest of honestly low. Positive between the parties, also from the”truly local[regional]economy, the activation of which leads to non-listed trading market for the target company regarding the content of, and more reduction is essential. In a few local companies of the parties one way [buying entities]to which was”concerned with the voice is strong.

What industry is the Target brand name by. For example, Toyama Prefecture, is the ground of the island OSE ticket is 6 brand name dealing in fasteners, represented by the family running the business internationally to expand YKK[now 3 months ended Sep time:sales 3718 billion, operating income of ¥ 220 billion] there. Attracted to non-listed companies and reasons.

On the other hand, Mizuho Securities handling companies Chisso there. Chisso is”related to Minamata disease special measures Law”received in 2011, the existing main business of JNC [Japan]to transfer. The current mission of the company HP”[JNC revenue based on the]Minamata disease victims and their families compensation, in order to accomplish the effort”and wrote.

Mizuho Securities officials, the mouth of heavy. “Shareholder community, institutional predecessor:the green sheet from the era of the handling of stocks. Currently, the former listed shares:the selling investors wishing to respond to”and so.

Expectations and”?” Having a system that is also. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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