Long-term like performance and leave equity-type investment trusts focusing on!

The”provident Prince”of the crown sale of Nakano 晴啓 Mr. President, the Saison investment trusts of the Fund and for all. Hand to Nakano’s work on”provident Prince’s investment guide”there. On the cover”every month from timing out/not the world if you invest in economic growth to ride”and it is exciting to have.

【Here】5G of the market leading to Murata Manufacturing and the”Kabuto-Cho residents ‘grounds”

In 2019, the international equity investment trust[Fund], the total”cash outflow excess”exposed to. Completion with a sense of started out with”robot””AI”related Fund outflows from the main factors that was. But it was in 12 at the end of the month still,inflows have continued to Fund your.

72 months of the continuous influx of a”Union Fund”/42 months the influx continuation of the”Yamato live silver DC overseas equity active Fund”, and 36 months inflow during the Saison of investment trusts”Saison Asset formation of the Master Fund”. 36 months continuous inflow total amount of 33.8 billion yen. 1 month about 10 billion yen inflow of excess is followed by accounts to.

Per month of inflows, as the other Fund as compared to the turn of the 1st level.

The so-called”NISA”subject to”Saison Asset formation of the Master Fund”of the actual at the. 07 years and 3 months set for the Fund, the monthly 5000 yen from the opening[exit]the investment is possible. The following characteristics have been.

★Diversified investment[Area]:North America [44.5%], Europe[26.9%] and Japan[11.9%]・excluding Japan Pacific [2.3%]・emerging countries[14.4%].

★Diversified investment[industries]: Information Technology [19.7%] and the highest in real estate [0.4%]in 11 industries.

★Fund of funds:the most preferred performance is expected Fund to invest in.

★Last 12 month 30 date and time in terms of percentage change:the past[hereinafter, the same] 1 Months 3. 01%/6 months 10. 91%/1 year 25. 86%/3 years 39. 40%/set since 134. 66%.

Japan’s mutual Fund rating agencies is Morningstar Inc. also,”last year 12 at the end of 10 years of Return 12. 83%of the Company Rating, which is the subject of the international stock funds 73 * * to the 4-position. In the future NISA eligible investment from, the stable inflows is expected. For the time being, a net balance in 1000 million USD with a view to expand and become”that.

Equity-type investment trusts, the selection of the era was like. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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