Looking back, there is a couple's memory coupe 74 model Nissan Sunny Excellent Coupe GL 3

Customize to the specification you were riding at that time

First, customize GL to GX. The biggest difference in the interior is the presence of a tachometer.

There was no tachometer other than the GX to make it aware that it was not a model that pursued running.

However, since the instrument panel is common, the tachometer is inserted and changed to the same meter arrangement as GX.

For the exterior, the emblem has been changed and a white stripe, which is a feature of GX, has been added.

The mission was changed from the installed 4-speed manual to a 710 violet 63A low-back 5-speed manual mission, reproducing the 5-speed manual that only GX has.

Sunny Excellent

Customize the silhouette to the specifications you were riding at the time while keeping the silhouette as normal. Kaneko is realizing a near-ideal modification.

He usually spends his busy days as a restaurant manager, “Denen Shokudo Umeya,” but he enjoys touring on holidays.

In addition to the PB210 Sunny, it is said that he will drive along the Gulf Road from his home in Yokohama with the Suzuki GT250 74-year-old motorcycle and the Harley-Davidson 2006 year, and will travel far to Yokosuka Hakkeijima.

The children are becoming independent, and the life of a couple is approaching again. And when you look back, there are two memories of coupe waiting there.

The cylinder is made of steel instead of aluminum. Below the engine is a 710 violet 63A low-back 5-speed manual transmission. Actually, the size of the floor tunnel is different between 4th gear and 5th gear.

The carburetor is equipped with Miknisorex φ44mm. Underneath are steel octopus feet for the 510 Bluebird, so a heat plate is installed from the funnel connection to the bottom of the carburetor to prevent percolation.

74 year model Nissan Sunny Excellent Coupe GL [KPB210G]-Length 4045mm
-Full width 1545mm
● Height 1350mm
● Wheel base 2340mm
● 1255mm / 1245mm before / after tread
● Minimum ground clearance 165mm
● vehicle weight 880kg
-Riding capacity 5 people
● Climbing ability tanθ0.51
● Minimum turning radius 4.7m
● Engine model L14
-Engine type water-cooled in-line 4-cylinder OHC
● Total displacement 1428cc
Bore x stroke 83.0 x 66.0mm
● Compression ratio 9.0: 1
● Maximum output 85ps / 6000rpm
● Maximum torque 11.8kg-m / 3600rpm
Transmission ratio 1st speed 3.775 / 2nd speed 2.169 / 3rd speed 1.404 / 4th speed 1.000 / reverse 3.640
● Final reduction ratio 3.900
● Fuel tank capacity 43L
● Steering ball nut type
● Independent suspension before / after strut type suspension / semi-elliptical leaf spring
● Before / after brake disc / leading trailing
● 6.15-13-4PR both before and after the tire
● Price 756,000 yen at the time of release

Nostalgic Hero Vol.145 June 2011 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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