Looking backward from Ryoko Hirosue? Kiichi Nakai in the PR "Smell …"

A hit thank-you stage greeting for the movie "Lie Yasushi @ Kyomachi Royale" was held in Tokyo on the 12th.

This is the second comedy in which the starring combination of Kiichi Nakai [58] and Kuranosuke Sasaki [52] plays tricks over antiques. This time, Ryoko Hirosue [39] has entered the role of a kimono beauty.

Sasaki smiled in front of the crowded seat, saying, "I'm glad that so many people came in the tide of avoiding people gathering."

Hirosue said, "I heard that my niece was saved after seeing this work after" Parasite. "I can't say deeply about it, but it's just a bright work." .

Nakai says, "It may be fun to see it repeatedly in the order of" parasite, "" lie-green, "" parasite, "etc. The three people mentioned earlier tend to say negative things, so they are positive. Did Hirosue give you a negative smell? "

Sasaki continued, "It's definitely a work that can be enjoyed if you look at it without any previous information. This is positive."

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