Looking for a private car that was only in the eye 31 | 7th Skyline 4 Door Hard Top GT 1

Ride one of the memories of junior high school era R31, touring at a high speed of 1000 yen on holidays
As a child, everyone longs for moving vehicles. It's interesting because each person started, but riding the R31 Skyline and four-doors at a young age would be a pretty rare case.

27Hideyuki Yoshida, now 27 years old, has been a lover of cars since he was a kid. The influence of "Western Police" and "Dangerous Criminals", which were aired at an early age, were also significant. During my junior high school days, my teacher was on the R31 4-door when she came to school. Adolescent Yoshida's coolness of the car began to permeate.

R31 Skyline

When I got my license and started looking for my car, there were only 31 in my eyes. 31 is R and F, Skyline and Leppard. The first thing I got was the late Leopard. When he finds a job and buys more R31s, he also buys a new version of Leopard. The F31, which was mixed with oil and cooling water, was worried about replacing the engine, but continued to own it, and went out of control to buy more R31.

In the case of the Skyline, it was still at the bottom when it was bought, so a 4-door top-grade car with a running distance of 60,000 km was very inexpensive. Since then, the Internet has expanded the circle of skylines around the world, utilizing the Internet as an Internet generation. It has been said that the number of opportunities to go out recently has increased because the expressway has become 1,000 yen on holidays.

吉 For Mr. Yoshida, who says that his angular style is the best, R31 seems to be his strongest companion because he has both taste and practicality.

Yoshida who longed for the R31 Skyline before getting a license. As a matter of course, a collection of booklets "PMAGAZINE" that was sold at catalogs and Prince dealers [230 yen at the time].

In addition, "Introduction of R31 type cars" and "No. 3 of car model symbols" distributed to Prince dealers for salesmen, and "Test drive report posted at a glance with test drive event reports held by mass media companies. ”To own.

He is also a hobby of making plastic models, and says it is fun to finish the car with exactly the same specifications as his own car. Even if you don't get on the car, you can enjoy R31.

Hachimaru Hero vol.12 December 2009 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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