Looking for driver for hot dog car "Wiener Mobile" over 8m? !

For those who want to stand out on American roads, there is a job posting that would be perfect. The job is to drive a huge hot dog car and travel around the United States for promotion.

The Wiener (Winner) Mobile, created by the food company Oscar Meyer, has undergone a variety of changes since its first appearance in 1936 and has attracted a strong following with its unique appearance. It is also available in hot wheels and is familiar to Americans.

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If you can get a position as a "hot dogger", you will definitely become a popular person. There are several versions of the Wiener Mobile, but one that needs a driver this time has a truck frame with a V8 engine, which is nearly 9 meters long. The 1952 version is a permanent exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum.

The license plate is also unique, and something like "YUMMY", "OURDOG", "OSCRMYR", "OH I WISH" has been adopted.

Becoming a hot dogger requires you to be an Oscar-Meier brand ambassador and drive this hot dog car on an American highway. The number of recruiters is, of course, not limited to one, but there are only six Wiener Mobiles currently in operation, so the number will be limited.

If your dream of becoming a hot dogger doesn't come true, Airbnb offers plans to stay in Wiener Mobile in places like Illinois.

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