Love goes on everywhere: Kora Shiraishi Moe starring series Dora, Karina, Yamamoto Koji “Ma…


Starring actress Moe Shiraishi and Karina, Koji Yamamoto and others will appear in the serial drama “Love Continues Everywhere” [TBS series, 10:00 pm on Tuesday] starting in January 2020. May 9th. Former employee of NHK TV series “Manpuku” “Tachibana Salt Industry” [= Shion Corps], Katsuya Otokuma who played Morimoto Moto, Woz [Kamen Rider] in the special effects drama “Kamen Rider Jio” [TV Asahi] The performance of Yu Watanabe who played Woz] was also announced. This is the first time that every bear and Mr. Watanabe regularly appear in the station's runners.

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