= LOVE It's a topic if the photo of Eimi Otani is too cute

= Love's Eimi Otani updates Twitter with a photo taken a year ago on Friday. It is called a topic that it is too cute though it is an ID photo.

LOVE was formed in 2017 by Rino Sashihara, backed by Yoyogi Animation Academy. Emisato Otani is a popular member who talks not only about his cute looks but also the gap between Instagram and Jiro-style ramen, which are full of girls. She has been a regular model of fashion magazine "bis" since 2019, and is popular among women.

Otani updated Twitter, saying, "Proof photo taken just one year ago … What happened to my bangs …" The posted ID photo had the bangs spread sideways, which was the exact opposite of the usual bangs.

However, the cuteness has not changed, and fans who have seen the post have repeatedly commented on the fans, saying, "It's too miraculous that the ID photo is cute!" Some of them were saying "I want to put them behind my smartphone!" "From among the followers …? How many people …? Present …? Shima …?" [Twitter photos areHereFrom]
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