Love will continue forever: Episode 4-A large pinch occurs! “The next year” Katsuya Kuma, “…

ド ラ マ The 4th episode of the drama “Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Kode ni Kodomo” [TBS, 10:00 pm] featuring actress Moe Shiraishi and actor Ken Sato will be broadcast on February 4th. Just after Nanase Sakura [Kamishiroishi], who has become accustomed to cardiology work, refused to leave the patient, Keiko Tsuruoka [Jun Miho], a patient with heart failure, is urgently transported. Nanase was depressed as she couldn't get used to an unfamiliar emergency response, but when she returned to the desk, she found a note about Nanase. Nanase thought that this was a memo from Koichi Kikuya [Katsuya Kuma] who was kind to everyone, but said that Kiku was not a memo written by himself.

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