Low risk high return!? IPO shares in investment management before the prequels

Cash and Investment Management and there is resistance to the people is still often times, the only savings you can also continue to a big risk to do that,first must be known. It is out of deflation for policy, the Bank is actively doing due.

【Here】Is leverage? Regulated background and the charm of the prequel

The government of the Bank of Japan with the cooperation of Abenomics massive monetary easing as inflation direction to steer by. Inflation, or price raising in the economy and cash to smoothly circulate the goal, and BOJ’s targets are”years of 2% inflation”was. Therefore, various monetary easing measures as a result of rising prices cannot be achieved or is even Japanese yen as the value of the large depreciation of the yen direction to swing fresh in our memory.

Today the Japanese yen is the most appreciation was in 2011, a 1 dollar 75 cents, but if times got 10,000 the value of the yen by the year 2020, the current yen value [1 dollar is about 107 yen]terms, it is 3,200 yen value has been lost it is not an exaggeration to say that only. Now, even more than the weakening of the yen has been in 2015 [1 USD is about 125 yen], if the lost value is 5,000 yen equivalent to.

Furthermore, the inflation target over a variety of prices worth days coming up. In a nutshell, in 2011 the 10,000 yen you can buy for the amount of vegetables and,in 2020 you can buy the amount of vegetables to compare the differences in the amount of from the cash value if lost today would be. Either way, the bandwagon to fit the cash on hand to change the value of the mean that also a certain amount of investment is you should do so.

However, the investment to start such as any type of investment how to start from, if so many people that would. The subject of investment in stocks,government bonds, corporate bonds, mutual funds, FOREX, CFD, options, real estate etc number present, and the nature of high-risk, high-return from,low risk low return or a wide variety just.

Among them the most popular government bonds is the elderly, and even the”safe”and recognized that investment in you. Government bonds are country debt[I. O. U. S], the purchase of government bonds in the country for lending money to the state, to maturity if the interest is attached on the reimbursement mechanism to. That is, the country will collapse unless interest with the money has been returned, and the overwhelming feeling of confidence,a lot of generation that is accepted in You [Part II to follow]. [Article: 小林弘 Zhuo・The article list to look at]

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