Low risk high return!? IPO shares in the investment operation before the latter part

However, government bonds are the overwhelming process of risk compensation,return is also correspondingly low. Currently sold mainly of government bonds 表面利率 is”0.05%”is a degree,that is, 100 million yen worth of government bonds to buy,1 per year obtained interest for 500 yen which is[practically half price of 250 yen]. It is said earlier, the inflation of the fill holes is far from Understood, You would. Nothing is better than level.

【Previous】Low risk high return!? IPO shares in investment management before the prequels

It is, and the risk is not that person for you,low risk high return is the IPO[initial public offering]to apply in there. IPO shares of companies listed on the market in the shares to the public, you can private investors, including everyone is able to buy state of the stock refers to the shares with regard to the public offering, the public before the lottery purchase you can.

Why IPO shares are high that if anything, the promising and the company of the IPO shares is concerned, the lottery can be purchased at the public offering price and,at the time of listing the price of a large gap is born from that. That is, the lottery by bargain into shares,listed on the timing of the sale can be able to get big profits only.

For example, in 2019, published ServerWorks stock,100 shares 4,780 yen in a public offering or[47 million 8,000 yen you can buy for], but the listing date is the price of 100 shares 18,000 yen. That is, IPO shares of win Lotto,100 shares purchased the investor,the listing date of its shares by selling this year, 132 million 2,000 yen profit for this. The high return like.

Of course, the listing day, the price is expected to IPO shares about the popularity is high, the odds of winning the lottery well and good. However, to participate in the lottery for a fee of no for all programs no risk of that. Also, the listing day is expected to IPO shares because the note is necessary on the Internet, Gainers and decliners of the information has been published for such shares to the applicants must be good only.

Thus, the IPO shares rather bonds than in stocks, funds or real estate investment ratio is not so high you can see or think. However, a leak in the lottery continue or if,as a result of investment without savings to have the same state, and thus,efficient Fund management and not enough attention please. [Article: 小林弘 Zhuo・The article list to look at]

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