Lucky "Gekishoku G-SHOCK", square model and analog digital combination model

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced on December 17 “MANEKINEKO” [three models] with a beckoning cat motif as a new model of the shock-resistant watch “G-SHOCK”. The line-up and tax-included price are 14,300 yen for DW-5600TMN-1JR and DW-5600TMN-7JR, and 18,700 yen for GA-100TMN-1AJR.

  • DW-5600TMN-1JR


  • DW-5600TMN-7JR


  • GA-100TMN-1AJR


In all three models, the red collar on the beckoning cat, green on the apron, and gold on the bell were used. It is said that the design was full of playfulness that expressed the loveliness of the beckoning cat in the entire watch.

The special package is designed by the label “BlackEyePatch”, which uses various techniques from graffiti to apparel. I drew cool beckoning cats unique to Japan.

The DW-5600TMN-7JR and DW-5600TMN-1JR are based on the square model “DW-5600” that inherits the design of the first G-SHOCK as the model number shows. The face is oval, and illustrations of a beckoning cat that emerges when the light is on are scattered as lucky motifs.

  • DW-5600TMN-7JR

    When DW-5600TMN-7JR backlight is on

  • GA-100TMN

    GA-100TMN in-dial

The base model of GA-100TMN-1AJR is the classic & popular "GA-100" as a combination model of digital and analog. The gold dial has an oval pattern, and the indial needle has a cute cat design. The point is that it is a gorgeous model that wishes to improve money luck.

  • Special package

  • Main specifications of “ DW-5600TMN-1JR '' and “ DW-5600TMN-7JR '', A @ DW-5600TMN-1JR, DW-5600TMN-7JR

  • Main specifications of “ GA-100TMN-1AJR '', A @ GA-100TMN-1AJR

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