Luka, a Masai warrior who was an Android user, is finally an iPhone user! The model is “8 Plus” and the cover is light blue !! Masai Tsushin: 343rd

spa! Perka.Masai warrior Luka who is also an Android user.The smartphone I got was also Android, and some models have changed since then, but it has been Android until now. He was a real Android kid.

so,"was"……… !!

Because, me,I'm an iPhone user today!By the way, the model is iPhone 8 Plus. The cover is light blue! Hello Apple ~~ !!

My future buddy "iPhone 8 Plus" has been sent as a birthday gift from an acquaintance living in the United States. Thank you … !!!! And it's not new but new! I'm really grateful. Thanks Kangeki Rain Maasai.

I've been using Android all the time,As a matter of fact, I always thought, "I want an iPhone …".Go [hatori] is an iPhone. I thought I was enviable. Such an admired iPhone is now in my hands!

I am glad. I'm really happy.What a fun camera! I'm looking forward to taking pictures.What a beautiful photo? In the meantime, we plan to publish an article titled “Photos taken with iPhone”. Today is a good day! Oreseri !!

Report:Luke [Masai]

Super translation:GO Hatori

Photo: RocketNews24.

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