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"LUMIX S PRO 50mm F1.4" review

Speaking of the 50mm f / 1.4 lens, it is a standard lens that has gained standard popularity since the film camera era. For a long time, camera manufacturers and lens manufacturers have released a variety of products, but Panasonic's L-mount lens “LUMIX S PRO 50mm F1.4” is also highly regarded as the “ultimate 50mm F1.4 lens”. is. The actual selling price is around 250,000 yen including tax, and weighs about 955g, but it was one that showed a great image from the open aperture, regardless of rumors.

  • “LUMIX S PRO 50mm F1.4” [S-X50] is the only short focus type of Panasonic L-mount lens. The actual selling price is around 250,000 yen including tax. The current cashback campaign is subject to a cashback of 20,000 yen

Of course, the operability is excellent

LUMIX S PRO 50mm F1.4 is a finish that has a strong presence compared to other companies' 50mm F1.4 lenses. 13 elements in 11 groups [2 aspherical lenses, 3 ED lenses], 90mm in diameter, 130mm in total length, approximately 955g in weight, but feels the best balance when mounted on Panasonic's full-size mirrorless "LUMIX S1" It was.

The question, “Why is it so big and heavy?” With the lens in hand, thawed as I opened the shutter and opened the shutter. The bokeh was very elegant and smooth. Nevertheless, the three-dimensionality of the focal plane is rich and shows memorable depictions.

The feeling of use is also quite good. When the focus ring is slid, the distance indicator appears instantly and you can enjoy shooting with manual focus. Of course, even with autofocus, F1.4 was able to focus at a high speed without difficulty.

The presence of the aperture ring also makes me feel like taking a photographer. The click feeling was reasonably firm, and the ring that was neither too thick nor too thin had good finger contact, and the aperture value was set as intended.

Certainly it was a large and heavy lens, but the image and the feeling of operation were just one of the “convinced” ones. If you have an L-mount camera, it's a standard lens you should try.

  • The beauty of the bokeh at aperture f / 1.4 is amazing. Defocusing blur that melts quickly will captivate the photographer [ISO100, 1/200 sec, F1.4]

  • Although it is a large lens, the balance with the LUMIX S1 series is not bad. I took a picture of the festival preparation scene, but the details were quite good [ISO100, 1/80 second, F1.4].

  • The beauty of not only the back blur but also the front blur can be noted. One cut at a shop where you were asked to “drink” while shooting, but the way the mug in front is blurred [ISO500, 1/60 second, F1.4]

  • The best way to use it with the LUMIX S1 series is to select the AF mode well. Choose between face recognition, pupil recognition, central one point, or other. Because the focus is fast, there is a sense of security when shooting [ISO125, 1/60 second, F1.4, -1 correction]

  • The depiction at the time of opening is rich in three-dimensionality, creating a unique atmosphere. I took a picture of a traveler taking a picture of a smartphone in the Nakamise shopping street in Sensoji.

  • The depiction at full aperture is also wonderful, but the clicked image at the choy aperture is also attractive. The details of the lanterns of the festival were clearly copied [ISO100, 1/160 second, F1.4, -0.7 correction]

  • Draft beer poured from the server to the mug. I aimed at the situation with the aperture open, but I was able to capture the creamy bubbling and the calm atmosphere of the bar. Excellent color reproducibility [ISO320, 1/60 second, F1.4, -1 correction]

  • I took a back view of a couple of travelers abroad, but I find the autofocus that is instantly determined and the three-dimensional appearance of the subject appearing to be attractive. Although it is a large and heavy lens, there should be many active scenes [ISO2000, 1/60 second, F1.4, +0.3 correction]

  • L-mount mirrorless users can choose from a variety of lenses from Leica, Sigma, and Panasonic, which will expand the range of shooting expressions. This 50mm lens is a lens that you can shoot with confidence from the open. The aperture of F1.4 is open, but the details of Kaminarimon also feel strong [ISO125, 1/6 second, F1.4, +0.3 correction]

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