Luxurious members gather at Kiyoshiro Imawano Osaka tribute

A tribute live by Kiyoshiro Imawano, who died at the age of 58 in 2009, "Seinoshiro Imawano @ Naniwa Sullivan Show @ Oh! RADIO-Fifty Years Rubber Eraser-" was held at Edion Arena Osaka on the 18th.

This event has been held for the first time in 14 years since 2006. Artists influenced by the RC succession and Mr. Imawano appeared and excited the venue with 6,000 spectators.

"Kurling Shitones" by Tamio Okuda [54] Kazuyoshi Saito [53] Yoto Teraoka [51] Tortoise Matsumoto [53] Takashi Hamasaki [54] YO-KING [52] showed "There are only good things". .

Kanpei Ma [70] is a song that he has challenged to support the earth marathon around the earth, and appeared in the audience as "RUN Kanpei RUN" by Mr. Imawano. "I'm one of the amazing stars and one entertainer is here. Let's do a song that Kiyoshiro made," he sang "Jungle Jim."

Kankuro Miyafuji [49] Non [26] Watanabe Daichi [29] also appears.

Lily Franky [56] acted as MC, and appeared on stage with the make-up of Imano. "It's like a gay bar mom who can be a divination," he laughed.

Everyone sang "In the night sky after the rain". Reichi Nakaido [69], who worked with Mr. Imawano at the RC Succession, sent a message to Mr. Imawano who died, saying, "I'm done, Kishiro."

Now the event will be broadcast on February 23 as a special program with live commentary from the performers on FM COCOLO.

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