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This timeLawsonIntroducing "Matcha Mochi Mochi Mochi Texture Roll"! ‥convenience storeIt features a large size that can be bought easily and can be shared by up to 6 people. It's the perfect size to share with your family! It will make your normal time a little extravagant. ‥

Appeared in Lawson, a roll cake with a bottle, which is rare at convenience stores

At convenience stores, sweets that are individually packaged are the mainstream, but do you know that Lawson has released a new roll cake that you can buy as a whole? Its name is "Matcha Mochi Mochi Mochi Texture Roll (using Kyoto Prefecture Uji Matcha)".

Not only the volume but also the material. According to the Lawson official website, "all matcha uses "Koji prefecture Uji matcha"". The passion for Lawson's sweets is dazzling…! ‥

What kind of sweets are sitting inside? A quick review! ‥

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