Luxury materials are not just leather | Two German companies collaborate and customize Cayenne

In recent years, collaborations in different industries are not uncommon. When affinity is created between the brands' thoughts and goals, multiple brands come together and work together. In Germany, a collaboration was made between Porsche's tuning brand TechArt and luxury furniture brand Rolf Benz. The project began with an exchange of ideas at a furniture fair in Cologne, which has been realized.

Based on Porsche SUV model "Cayenne". The exterior is chic and calm, but if you look closely, you can see that the roof is arranged in black and finished in a two-tone color. The pillars and roof are blackened to give a sharp impression. Other features include a dynamic front spoiler, a carbon fiber aero front, and a rear apron and diffuser, giving the car a more powerful appearance than the standard model.

I also want to pay attention to the sofa finished in collaboration with Rolf Benz. This is a custom-made product that was actually tailored by Rolf Benz designers, and was created through consultation with the aim of creating a comfortable space between the two designers. The materials used are wool materials used in-house. When it comes to luxury interiors, the most imagining of leather is Rolf Benz, which has adopted wool as a new proposal that offers excellent comfort and durability.

The color scheme is a combination of umbra, blue and cappuccino. An exquisite powder color that combines warmth and elegance to avoid extremes. It brings a sense of security and comfort to the room and creates a luxurious space.

Why don't you choose one option so that you can spend time relaxing in a car like a living space?


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