M87 the center of a black hole ejected from the jet to accelerate to state clearly the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, such as

A lot of the center of the galaxy resides a supermassive black hole. From there gravity back to the Jet Jet, astronomers and many mysteries phenomenon. Taiwan Central Research Institute of astronomy and astronomical physics laboratory and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Mizusawa VLBI Observatory, researchers from the group, the elliptical galaxy M87 in the center of the massive black hole from the vicinity of the ejection jet exercise to examine and accelerate the appearance revealed.

【Here】The universe in the Big Bang, since that observed the largest explosion of massive black hole is the cause

■In 2019 for the first time succeeded in shooting a black hole

Virgo located in the M87 Galaxy in the center of a supermassive black hole exists. The world of radio telescope using the project”Event・Horizon system[EHT]”by,for the first time succeeded in shooting a black hole.

Research group,captured this black hole to be ejected from the jet to the research. The gravity of big black holes in matter and light attract on the other hand, plasma from the gas jet and the outside towards the gushing phenomenon has been confirmed. The black hole’s gravity is a huge energy thought to be caused by, but the mechanism is mysterious for some.

■The speed of light or more in a gushing jet

Research group in 2017,a plurality of frequency bands of radio waves by the jet is the speed of light exercise how to capture the successful. This time,from 2016 1 year of the M87 data on for the jet kinetic analysis of tried.

As a result, the jet from the base of the distance to 0. 5 milliseconds the corner away,from the speed of light of about 0. 3 times for 20 milliseconds angle away from the Light 2. 7 times the jet is detected. This is from the black hole ejecting the jet is accelerated suggest that that.

The study group further,another frequency band of radio waves, using a jet from the base of away movement from the data analysis. As a result, the maximum light of about 5. 8 times of the exercise it was discovered that.

In this study, the data in 2017, previously this was collected was used, but the black hole has taken the time to jet of observation that. In the future the latest data is that, in analyzing the black hole and the jet and the relationship to understanding of further to? [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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