Maasai warrior's "photo when he was young" is unexpectedly surprised / Masai News: # 359

spa!マ The last Masai communication this month is HisabiRequest boxI wonder if I can answer the question A question from "Kiku", the content is …

"Do you have any photos of Luka when you were little?

──There is.There are photos that have been properly developed on paper. There are two. First …

It was a photo when I was 16 years old.

I'm young. Looking at this photo, Japanese go [hatori] was surprised to see, "Isn't it Maasai costume!", But I was a student at this time. Loitokitok went to school in town. Nostalgic.

There's another one, it's …

It was a photo when I was 14 years old. Go says "This one is more mature!But this one is younger. The shooting location is a school. By the way, I was living in a school dormitory at the time. I was studying. But thanks to that, there is now. That's why I always say, "Study is important." Well, Oreseri!

Report:Luke [Masai]

Super translation:GO Hatori

Photo: RocketNews24.

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